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Black Mamba Spice

Published by Ryan under High Reviews, Synthetic Cannabis Posted on August 28th, 2011
Black Mamba Spice
Overall Rating3.

Yesterday hurricane Irene made landfall and brought with it much rain, wind, and annoyance…..Deciding to forgo my inner voice telling me to slow down, I decided to smoke roughly 4 grams of Black Mamba as quickly as possible on my rooftop, trying to beat the brunt of the storm and ride it out with a good buzz. Near the end of my session the wind became serious, and brought a painful stinging rain. I went downstairs bong in hand to take out my dogs, as an excuse to sit on the back porch and smoke. My rescue dog nugget, abused her entire life and traumatized into running in circles instead of straight lines was ecstatic to see me; showing her affection by doing 16 right and circles in a row. 11:24 we went outside, where Nugget had started to act a way I had never seen her act before. Instead of running playfully around our yard; she stood at the base of the porch stairs facing the wind and hurricane, silent and still; two traits she certainly does not show often. She looked a!
t me, eyes glowing in the dark wind and rain. Inside we went; nugget first, me stumbling high behind. I clumsily made my way up to my room, to embrace Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombie mode on my 60 inch LCD TV.

12:00am, My window still open from my previous session, now was furiously blowing my curtains inside my room; bringing with it much rain and wind..i shut the window, shutting off circulation in my room…my oscillating fan and my ceiling fan were now on full speed, chopping away at the air as I melted into my armchair in front of my tv. Soon, the chopping became louder and louder, the buzzing vibration of the fan reverberated and echoed in the back of my skull and crawled behind my eyes; buzzing and chopping and a low humming that seemed to drive me mad. I stumbled up, nearly falling into my floor fan attempting to turn it off before collapsing on my bed for a moment.

Time had warped around me, I had forgotten entirely about smoking and my head wrapped around dreaming….I had always been a lucid dreamer, and even without aid of herbal incense I occassionaly had trouble discerning waking life from dreamlife…….This was different however, it made me question whether or not my sober self was the dream and this the reality. My heart raced, my mouth dry, I quenched my parch lips with rasberry tea, which found its way through every crack and crevice in my teeth to deliver a cold stinging sensation to my entire head. Thoughts of my parents walking in and questioning my odd behavior raced through my mind…Whenever there is doubt as to whether or not they would disturb me, I default back to turning the power off on my tv and laying in bed; riding out the storm and the trip.

The storm picked up. The walls of my old old house creaked and cracked; the walls of my room seemed to be breathing. My window, shaking and vibrating in its track; pressed against the wind and rain. Phone check had alerted me that time was now 12:24, one hour into my trip….i texted my ex girlfriend a good safe night. Message sent at 12:14, and time had warped around me again. Feelings of deja vu swept over me, as I felt like I had experienced this exact event many times before. The blinding light of my 60 inch television illuminated my entire room with cartoons from my childhood. When in doubt, turn the power out. Clumsily, I crawled out of bed and turned the power on my tv off…again. My head was spinning, and voices in my head reassured me I need to snap back to reality. The voices became louder and louder the farther up my bed I crawled, until they seemed to come from my head in the direction that my wisdom owl and protective dragon statues began to talk to me. I neede!
d to snap back to reality.

I woke up, high and dry; quenching both of my needs with rasberry tea….now with ice melted and watered down; time check 12:24 and the TV was still on, playing an episode of Tom and Jerry…blindly I felt up the side of my television, feeling for the power button which ever seemed to escape me. To my left stands a wavy mirror, which I glanced at myself in….An old friend once told me, never stare at yourself in a mirror….but my reflection seemed to stare back at me with eyes too dark to see. My jaw muscles tightened and my reflection let out a slight smirk.
I collapsed back onto my queen sized inflatable mattress, slightly deflated from poor room temperature circulation. My bed, covered by many many pillows of different sizes, textures, fluffyness and comfortableness proved troublesome…..Tossing and turning I tried to find the perfect pillow to make me fall asleep. The white one was too hot and fluffy. The brown one too uncomfortably hard. The red maryland pillow, inched its way up my body to provide warmth and fluffyness to me. The other pillows seemed jealous, and in my tossing and turning numerous pillows found their way on top of me. The big red maryland pillow still on top of me seemed to provide a reprise from the uncomfortable feelings the other pillows brought me; and in my tossing and turning the red pillow seemed to fight the other stuffed demons off of me.

6:00am and I crawl dizzily out of bed. Television and ceiling fan not working assured me the hurricane had claimed our power as one of its victims. Tea lights emanated from deep within my collection of salt rock lamps, presenting with an eerie glow that escaped my memory completely. I could not recollectt he last 5 hours of my trip; thoughts question as to how much had been played out in reality, and what had my mind conjured up. Lips cracked I sought to aide them with warm and watery rasberry tea…my cat sits silently on my floor, staring at me with glowing eyes in my dark sheltered room…..

All in all, Black Mamba took me out to the edge and pushed me off, shortly before offering me long rope to climb myself out of…recommended for any level smoker who wishes to see where their mind will take them.

2 Comments » Posted on August 28th, 2011

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2 Customer Reviews of “Black Mamba Spice”

Review by Chad, September 4, 2011

Overall Rating33333

Now… there’s no need for exaduration.
i just want anyone out there who’s ‘experimenting’ to be cautious and level headed, and don’t underestimate any drug because everyone has a different tolerance. here’s my story…

There was a party at my friends house, I knew everyone there from the secondary school i just left.
(one hour into the party)- i’ve drunk 3 cans of lager, i’d say i’d be pretty pissed of 9-11. 1 joint of ak-47 (strain of marijuhana) and i’m fine…
bearing in mind i’ve only ever white-ied twice and that’s from smoking a ‘J’ whilst being very drunk. sober:- i’ve smoked 9g of cheese and didn’t white-ie…
Anyway, a guy i skate with arrives with this ‘legal high’ herb shit. so i ask for a few puffs, underestimating it because it’s legal…
i took the first drag, i thaught it tasted a bit like marshmellow but i knew instantly it was completely different to weed from the way the smoke past through my thorax and into my lungs… It felt like the smoke entered my body by going through my mouth numbing it, straight up into my head and straight down my spine. Ignorant to the blatent alien feeling, i took 4 more drags and passed it on…
About 5 minutes passed in what felt like 10 and the dutty distorted dubstep booming through the room seemed to make my brain matter expand and the music seemed to take control of my emotion. Every shade of light became a deminishing dim alternative; red turned to maroon, green to forest leaves, pink to deep purple and the white walls to a grey haze… i was in a bubble… my bubble and all light almost evaporated like a dream…
certain painful topics appeared from my past and i was able to concentrate on them unlike before. However, the topics became over-whelming and as each painful memory enlightened my mind, it was piercing my heart. Uncomfortable, I burst my bubble and try to ignore and defeat my own psychae with normal conversation. ‘can you feel it Smithy?’ it takes him around three seconds to reply, but it wasn’t him who replied, it was like an imposter sitting beside me in his skin, he said in a slow and deep voice; ‘Look in the mirror! it’s like someone else looking back’
he was right! i must have been staring in the mirror for 5-10 mins, and I felt the same way as Smithy, but i didn’t feel someone else was looking back but I was the reflection looking at someone else…
creeped out, i sat back in my place to try and contemplate how all of this could be happening, but it was too hard to concentrate, the music controlling, laughter and murmers from distant conversations, I could feel my heart in my throat, pulsing atleast 5 times per second, i went out back to gain piece of mind with some fresh air… i slowed my breating free’d my mind and closed my eyes, but it was all in vain;- i opened my eyes to find my self at the gate to the garden, at least 20 ft from the door i thaught i was standing at.
I had began to panic and worry for my friend, the finding of him resulted in a 30 minute conversation with someone i felt i didn’t even know… i felt like i was dying, and like my heart was going to EXPLODE! but i felt being calm was key… it didn’t fucking help much!!! after an hour of my ‘trip’ i had consumed a pint of water and 4 slices of toast with my heart still raging, the rest of the trip was a blur untill the comedown where i felt more human, the party came together singing to songs blasting through the amp… and i became normal again…
tbh, i probably will try spice again so i can experiment its results one more time, but it took me way out of my comfort zone.
I hope my experiance can help others… somehow?

Review by Dean, November 27, 2011

Overall Rating44444


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