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Cherry Cheech & Juicy Chong

Published by Ryan under High Reviews, Synthetic Cannabis Posted on July 26th, 2011
Cherry Cheech & Juicy Chong
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I used to be a big marijuana smoker for a couple years now and recently i had to give it up because i just been put on task. i had to look for something else to satisfy that same feeling id get that relaxed me and had me at ease. one of my close friends mentioned spice to me and showed me a bottle and was trying to convince me to try it. Once I first looked at the product I didn’t like how it had a hay look and feeling and i for sure want interested on trying it so i pushed it to the side. couple days after i seen a”Cherry Cheech and Juicy Chong” display of spice that caught my attention because there once of my favorite characters one of my favorite movie. I was looking more on how the product looked and at first, i thought it was the REAL thing so i figured it has to be good if it looks just like it especially the textured of it.

I tried it and fell in love with the product! It was so good that i totally forgot it was actually spice and it gave me the same feeling that had always get when i started smoking, it didn’t give me a bad trip or made me paranoid nor dizzy headed like some of the other spices Ive heard about. the thing i love the most is that i cant get in trouble for using these products or violet my task. i went on the website of the product and i loved the display of spices that Im familiar with. All their products are consistent and high quality! its don’t know what id do if i never found this company! i most definitely recommend this spice as one of the best out there!

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