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Hawaiian Baby Woodrose

Published by Ryan under High Reviews, Other Legal Highs Posted on April 9th, 2009
Hawaiian Baby Woodrose
Overall Rating3.

Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds come directly from the plant itself which is scientifically referred to as Argyreia nervosa. Hawaiian Baby Woodrose is a climbing vine and has been nicknamed the “Elephant Creeper” and “Woolly Morning Glory.” The leaves of this plant are heart-shaped and has blooming flowers. This plant was originally cultivated in India and travelled across the sea to Hawaii, Africa and even the Caribbean. The seeds of the Hawaiian Baby Woodrose are widely known for their psychedelic effects which have only been recently discovered.

This plant is in the Convolvulaceae family and the other plants in this family have traditionally been used in shamanistic rituals in Latin America. The effects of the Baby Woodrose seeds were brought to light in the 1960s. However, the use of the plant in India incorporated the roots as well as the leaves for antiseptics and anti-inflammatory drugs. These medical purposes were not psychoactive, where as the direct use of the seeds of the plant are in fact producers of psychedelic effects.

This substance can be consumed by either shelling the seeds and then soaking them in wine or lemon juice or chewing them and swallowing the seeds. The only reported side effect after consuming the seeds has been discomfort in the stomach that can potentially lead to nausea and even vomiting. This is often caused by the consumption of the shells which are thought to contain cyanide. Some people find that the seeds taste quite nutty but most people don’t find them to be that flavorful.

To use Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds for their effects, you must use anywhere from five to six of them depending on your experience as a user. Some people who gain more experience with the seeds can take anywhere from ten to twenty-five.

The effects of Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds vary among users depending on the amount taken, the freshness of the seeds, the method of ingestion and which variety is consumed. Often times, a user can being to feel the need to stretch and extend arms and legs, which is a similar effect of LSD. Other effects include itching and tingling in the muscles and the inability to sleep. Interestingly enough, some people have reported the ability to see underneath the layer of skin and the internal tissues. Users of this substance can also become sensitive to light and dryness in the mouth and on the skin. For those who take at least five seeds and up to ten can experience visuals while the eyes are open including colors, contrast, sparkling object and various degrees of brightness.

The effects of Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds can last for at least four hours and sometimes even more. The consumption of these seeds often comes with warnings as the substance can produce severe cases of psychosis and suicide. Despite some of the intensity of the effects, people often experience deep insight after using the seeds. The outcome depends on the person using it and other factors, but Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds are legal in many parts of the world.

10 Comments » Posted on April 9th, 2009

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10 Customer Reviews of “Hawaiian Baby Woodrose”

Review by Thorin, July 13, 2010

I had these quite recently and i have a few qusteions.

1. Does it matter about the origin of the seeds, ie. if they are grown in thailand or in hawaii?

2. Is it normal to get cramping effects in places such as the thighs, i know a lot of my friends found that, but we arent sure if it is the seeds or not.

I would also recommend to people to designate a long period of time to these things, some people dont get the affects for ages (mine kicked in after about 4 hours) and they can lat for up to 12 hours, then you deal with the sickness and nausea for about 1 hours. i’d recommend you to leave about 20 hours for these, i went home to my parents after only 9 and it was a real struggle for me to not show i was still high.

Review by Lee, November 27, 2010

My friend tried this and chickened out about 2 hours in because he was so itchy lol he took some benadryl to go to sleep. Probably wasn’t that bad, but he said the ceiling was turning wavy and then his body was pulsating like waves too.

Review by bob, December 16, 2010

uhm i took ten and had an 8 hour trip and i saw alot of things.. and my body tingled alot almost to the point where i thought it hurt, it felt like a dream and i had no clue what was going on pretty much the whole time.. and it is almost imposible to sleep on them.. i took like 4 shots of vodka and about 6 hours in i puked like 5 times after blacking out from falling and hitting my head on concreat….
another time i took 5 and just felt weird, couldnt sleep, and got puked once.
is there any other way of taking them without the sickness

Review by JitterBob, December 22, 2010

It absolutely matters where the seeds originated. The seeds grown in Hawaii contain the most LSA. This is why you pay more for some strains, more LSA for your buck.

The cramping could be caused by the other active ingredients in the seeds. For example, Morning glory seeds can contain cyanide in the seed pods.

Review by Bibiche, April 15, 2011

Overall Rating 44444
Quality 55555
Price 55555
High 33333

Don’t eat before u take them and u’ll be good.

I took 10 for the first trip, it’s very cool, euphoric, but it have nothing to do with what people say. They are just douchbag who can’t handle them or who want to appear like drug addicts

Review by Steve, November 4, 2011

Overall Rating 11111
Quality 22222
Price 44444
High 11111

I guess they just aren’t for me.
First time, I tried 3. Nothing.
Next I tried 8. Barely anything.
Today I tried 14. I got an extreme body load and felt high for eight hours. However, I had nausea and a headache the entire time. Psychoactive substances have never made me feel sick, but 8 hours after dosing I threw up a few times and clearly tasted and saw the ground up seeds. I’ve heard great things about them from plenty of people, but if you’re like me, they’re a waste of time and money.

Review by Mike, February 27, 2012

Overall Rating 55555
Quality 33333
Price 33333
High 44444

I got mines from a store that sell natural highs like woodrose. The company is called tripping skulls and they have great products and 100% natural & legal

Review by Guitarboy, December 11, 2012

Overall Rating 11111
Quality 11111
Price 11111
High 11111

I took 4 and chewed them up. Felt like music sounded better for a little while then started heaving, to dry heaves and leg cramps with tiredness, followed by heart palpitations and anxiety, 4 hours of mostly misery. No flowers or colors, but a sensitivity to light. Then I found out about how to get rid of the bad stuff at;
Grind seeds up, White gas to get out the bad stuff, filter and dry, then soak in strong booze, filter, and drink, or evaporate the booze and take the residue. What a pain.

Review by jaymie hymen, June 5, 2013

Overall Rating 55555
Quality 55555
Price 55555
High 55555

i tell ya when i took 7of them i felt beutiful such empathy like can no other time i cried even, i seen closed eye visions of when my heart beat my veins would pulse an turn a white hot plasma especially my neck like two big viens where super intense like i could see through my body through a third perspective like i drift away from body its a really beutiful experiance for me, also this is my first experiance whith a phycoactive.

Review by jaymie hymen, June 5, 2013

Overall Rating 55555
Quality 55555
Price 55555
High 55555

i would like to set an setting are inportant and meditate an ask the the guidiance you wish to seek out loud so it will put you in a more adventuraus mindset being i dark room with abient light soft backround music are a good thing do all your daily task first so that bourden doest pop in your mind an disrupt your trip.this not a recreational thing its more of a wisdom quest to tap in your mind for a hidden answer to your qweations that never be revealed otherwise. human and plants are connected just like everything else on our humble floating sphere.

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