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Buzz Smoking Blend

Published by Ryan under High Reviews, Synthetic Cannabis Posted on April 22nd, 2010
Buzz Smoking Blend
Overall Rating44444

An Introduction to Buzz Smoking Blend

Any legal smoking blend user is constantly looking for new products that are effective and tasty. Some of the most popular blends consumed by the public are Salvia divinorum, Kratom, Sence, and Smoke. The latest product to add to this list is the all new Buzz Smoking Blend. Buzz is a widely recommended product and it is considered to be an effective smoking blend.

Why is Buzz Popular?

Avid legal smoking blend users generally look for products that are powerful and smooth on the body. Buzz has become an increasingly popular product because it is considered to be a very strong blend and provides an effective mind and body high. On top of all that, Buzz is also smooth when consumed. What draws people to this product is the sweet fragrance given off by this blend because of all the herbal ingredients that make up the product.

Generally, Buzz smoking blend is burned as incense, but some users prefer to smoke the product. Before smoking this product, it is important for every user to learn about Buzz and be cautious while using it. When compared to other products, Buzz is thought to be a very soft smoking blend.

What are the Ingredients in Buzz?

Buzz is made of natural herbs that make this product very fragrant and sweet. It is always important for legal high users to know what ingredients are in the products they use. Buzz contains a variety of natural herbs including Damiana, Bay Bean, Dwarf Skullkap, Vanilla, Stevia Leaves, Rose Petals, Hope and Licorice. When using legal herbal blends, it is also important to make sure that the product is high quality in order for it to be safe and effective.

The Effects of Buzz

Smoking blends are most often used for their effects on the mind and body. Buzz smoking blend is no exception to this. Because Buzz is one of the strongest herbal blends on the market, it is helpful to get an idea of what it can do to the body. When the incense is burned, the smoke fills the entire room and the user will ingest the product. The most common effect is a feeling of relaxation once the blend is taken in.

Users of Buzz generally report back with experiences that include feelings of calmness, mood improvements, and even a clear mind. The effects of Buzz depend on how the product is ingested. Again, some people prefer smoking this legal high and this will cause stronger effects. When smoking Buzz, it is crucial to take precaution and be in the company of other people. Generally speaking, users experience positive effects but it all depends on the individual body, how the product is ingested and in what amounts.

When purchasing a package of Buzz, it is very important to get a high quality product from a safe and reliable source. It is also important to do research about the product to know more about its history, ingredients and effects. This review aims to provide as much information as necessary to give users a starting point.

6 Comments » Posted on April 22nd, 2010

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6 Customer Reviews of “Buzz Smoking Blend”

Review by roland, July 12, 2010

trying to find info / ingredients of
herbal blend know as Mr-Nice Guy.

need to be more conformed to times

thx for any help inregards to this matter

Review by greengo, August 25, 2010

mr. nice guy is the best variety of spice out there on the market right now. stonger than any other i’ve tried.

Review by Acudi, May 15, 2011

Overall Rating 33333
Quality 33333
Price 44444
High 55555

I ordered some Buzz smoking blend and two nights ago I lit up my chillum and took three to four medium hits. On the plus side, the Buzz blend is much smoother to smoke than regular pot and definitely smells better. The high was almost immediate, but it was a distinctly different high than spice or weed brings. I started panicking as I realized that my sense of control was slipping away extremely fast. While trying to calm myself down, I embarked on the worst trip of my life. The high lasted at least three hours. During that time, I felt my skin melting, the world imploding, my heart racing, my stomach cramping (causing severe nausea), and my vision shaking (causing everything and everyone around me to blur and vibrate). After my boyfriend got me to finally relax enough to lay down, my body began spasming hard for a good hour. It was so hard I thought I was having a seizure. When I woke up several hours later, I still moved like I was going in slow motion. My stomach has been sick since then as well. Due to this experience, I am quitting smoking altogether. As a side note, I am not a regular smoker, more like someone who does it for recreation about once a week. This blend was much too strong for me and I wouldnโ€™t recommend it to any moderate users

Review by Alexander, May 26, 2011

Overall Rating 44444
Quality 44444
Price 55555
High 55555

Me and a friend of mine ordered some buzz to try out something “new”. We’ve been smoking salvia for a while now and really like the trips you get from salvia. When the buzz arrived we were very exited about it and really just wanted to sit down and take a hit. First we just “tested” the product by taking 2 small hits, and after 2-3 minutes we both started laughing at everything! Our vision started to blur a little and lost some control of our body. Later that day me and the same friend decided that we were gonna take one more hit, this one was going to be “off the hook”! we took 5-6 CRAZY hits, because the smoke was so easy to inhale… my friend lied himself on my bed and i sat down on my chair. we put on some music and it was VERY relaxing. suddenly my friend started laughing uncontrollable, so did I! we laughed constantly for about 3-4 minutes without stop!!! after theese minutes i actually thought i would die.. my mouth was so dryed up and i started to get really nausea! my stomach was SO bad! now it had gone like 30 minutes and we were very afraid! my friend couldnt control his body and was making alot of wierd noises and had spasm all over… i couldt move my body i just sat there.. i told him i “loved him” and i will miss him so! ๐Ÿ˜› after that i started puking on the floor, and then we realized that this is powerful stuff.. i got a LITTLE better after i had puked.. so i managed to clean it up but used like 40 minutes to clean it ๐Ÿ˜› it was sooo hard to control my body! after we had cleaned it up we decided to go out and get some fresh air.. we lied down in the grass and fell asleep there and was away for 2-3 hours.. after these hours we were a little more back in our minds. we sat down in a friend’s house and just sat there. my mind wasnt working straight.. when the night came and i was going to bed, i had the craziest dream EVER! i could control my own dream! i’ve read about it now and it’s called “lucid dreaming”.. that was reeeally sweet! ๐Ÿ˜› the day after i wasnt still back from the hit.. my mind wasnt thinking clearly! the day after again, my mind was STILL not working properly, and music was very relaxing! ๐Ÿ˜› but all in all i warn you, be careful with this product! dont underestimate the power of this ๐Ÿ˜› try take it in small doses at first ๐Ÿ™‚

Review by Herb Ivor, May 30, 2011

Overall Rating 44444
Quality 55555
Price 44444
High 44444

After resolving to start small with this stuff, I went and packed a full-sized bowl in my bong and got two big hits and one small one off of it. Holy shit. In minutes I was stoned out of my mind. I had to lay down on the couch and get into a meditative state in order to deal. After about two hours I was (with some initial difficulty) able to walk to bed, where I slept off the remainder of the ride.
I would classify the effects of buzz to be somewhere between marijuana and a long-lived salvia trip. I experienced serious time distortion, detachment from my body and a sense of psychological dissolution, as if the elements of my mind were unfolded into a cloud of plasma intermixed with physical space.
I was able to pull myself back to communicate and otherwise function when necessary, but doing so was very difficult and I found it less unpleasant to simply surrender to the effects of the drug.
I will definitely be trying this stuff again, although in a much smaller dose, perhaps diluted with some other inert smokable. I can only echo the sentiments of the previous posters: this stuff is hard core: be careful with it.

Review by Greg, October 3, 2011

Overall Rating 55555
Quality 55555
Price 55555
High 55555

I tried a blend called Buzz Saw. I had been a fan of K2 and Spice, Defcon, etc. and actually liked them a bit more than 420. This buzz was a very smooth smoke. I could taste the vanilla on my lips….not overwelming though…very pleasant. The high was exceptional…very intense though even after one bowl. NOT for the inexperienced user. I actually had a pretty profound spirtual experience using it also. Music is amazing under it\’s affects. It does produce the same \”munchies\”…at least for me…that pot does. Definitely will use it again. Recommend for those who are experienced with pot and the legal varieties too, but not for a newcomer who might get freaked out on how intense it can be.

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