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Spice Smoking is Banned

Published by Ryan under Articles Posted on November 5th, 2009
Spice Smoking is Banned
Overall Rating3.353.353.353.353.35

If you have been smoking Spice, you will notice that it is greatly similar to cannabis. The flavors are wonderful and the ultimate feeling after smoking is like no other. Heightened sense of sounds, colors and patterns are familiar sensations to Spice smokers. Other effects include relaxation and calmness.

The once legal high that you knew and loved is actually now banned. Spice has been a very controversial substance ever since it appeared on the market. People smoked it as an alternative to cannabis but the effects and the physical makeup of the substance is extremely similar to cannabis. This obviously raised questions for regulators.

Today, Spice is considered a medicinal product and it is illegal to import, sell or market. New Zealand, Austira, Germany and France have made Spice illegal for a long time and the United States has been regulating it. Now the product is completely banned.

Spice, which has been sold as a legal high, actually contains an illegal substance which is why it is banned. After many tests were conducted in New Zealand, the results showed that Spice actually contains the 1,1-dimethyloctyl homologue of the substance CP 47,497. This is a synthetic substance that is similar to the active ingredient of cannabis.

HU-210 is a chemical that is pharmacologically and structurally similar to an active ingredient in marijuana and has been reported to be found in the herbal blend known as Spice. This chemical is responsible for the psychoactive effects of Spice. The chemical was long discovered in marijuana in 1988, but it continues to be used in other products, such as Spice. Drug Regulation agencies are actively trying to put an end to the marketing, importing, exporting and selling of Spice due to the active ingredients found.

What is Spice?
Spice is the name given to the herbal blend that contains a combination of plants and herbs and was once the legal alternative to cannabis. Some of the ingredients in Spice include Canavalia maritima, Scutellaria nana, Leonotis leonurus, Nelumbo nucifera and so on. Many of the herbs and plants in Spice have been used by ritualistic cultures in the past for spiritual, religious and medicinal purposes.

When smokes, the effects of Spice have been almost the same as actual cannabis. In fact, the effects have lasted even longer, which is one reason why many people continued using the blend. There are three different packages of Spice and these have included Spice, Spice Gold and Spice Diamond.

Today, Spice has been added on the list of illegal substances in the market and this is something that Spice users should be aware of. It is important to be safe from the regulations at hand.

369 Comments » Posted on November 5th, 2009

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369 Customer Reviews of “Spice Smoking is Banned”

Review by Freeze, December 2, 2009

So does spice gold show up on drug test, and where can you possibly find it?

Review by WRONG!, December 9, 2009

This is WRONG. Spice blend is banned, correct. But there are many other brands that do not carry the stuff that is illegal. And they still effect you the same way

Review by Ryan, December 9, 2009

What is wrong about the article? There are lots of other smoking blends just look at the other reviews haha. Spice is the only one that is banned in the US.

That is why this blog was set up, so people like you dont go telling everyone misleading information. Plus I will probably never hear back from you haha.

Review by smoke plus smoking blend, December 10, 2009

Spice blend is not banned in our country. It is still using in India.

Review by Tony, December 27, 2009

Where did you get the info that spice is banned? Please povide some documentation! I’m in the USA and have never heard of such a thing, the stuff is being sold all over our town-currently. Please advise.

Review by Nicole, December 27, 2009

Be a real man, “Ryan” and cite your sources.

Review by Ryan, December 28, 2009

I will proudly post my sources:

Read it. I bet you will never get back to me 😉

Review by Greg, January 15, 2010

Spice and other similar products were banned in the UK in December. Personally I was very disappointed, I found it very similar to the real thing, without the problems of getting supply, legality, and workplace drug testing. I’ve since tried a few of the other herbal highs on the market and none really give me any effects – although I’m open to suggestions …

Review by Ed, January 23, 2010

i can get spice here in florida at the smoke shop right by my house

Review by jake32, January 29, 2010

I miss Yucatan Fire. I do hope they make a uk friendly blend. Well since the ban I have tried the following. Tribal warrior, id not try this lots of reports that it contains cancer causing chemicals cocamide. The ingredience just says damiana and preservatives. I then tried the new neder blends, bubble gum and gold. For me a very slight feeling. Waste of cash. Tonight I have got mashed on pulse ultra and thnk it is very good. Took a good gram and a half and 40 mins to reach effect but really good. 1 prob I do have with it is the packet says by buying this product u are agree to the following do not use in an incense burner, ingest, drink or burn the contents of this product. Dnt inhale smoke and is only for collectors purpose. What the hell u supposed to do with it ? Am-hi-co produces it. It works u need a bit more than spice gold to get effect. But what is in it ? Why has the uk gov forced us incense lovers who wantd to be on the right side of the law making us lab rats. Hope im not moaning. Got some mayan bliss 3g frm experience to try tomro. At least they say u can smoke it and they seem to be an honest company. Hurd mixed reviews on New dawn that comes from panama, and im going to buy some new bombay blue when it comes out next week, as the original wasnt that bad. Any one tried any new blend ? Just want my spice and yucatan fire back. I had given up weed for 4 years. Since the ban have bought it twice. Shame on you to the british government. It was good for me and you force me to be a lab rat and go back to what I didnt want to do. Hey everyone hope some of my info helps and sorry for the rant

Review by RICKY, February 1, 2010

are you guys serious???? dam

Review by yoshi.SO WRONG!!, February 12, 2010

ok check it out, i live in mormonville utah. down town slc and all i have to do is walk to any smoke shop in slc, or utah! for that matter and i can get 5 grams and smoke it outside and not get in trouble. and believe me, i’ve been stopped by cops a couple of times, there wasn’t shit they could do except “next time try to smoke at home” that’s it.
one love

Review by hayes, February 13, 2010

i might sound like the ohters but really if it is so against the law then why can u get it almost any where in idaho and utah? really and they are the mormon cap. if the world. i just dont get it they are harsh on selling glass pipes in idaho but they do it in utah and the are still selliing spice. i guess what i am asking if the spice the sell in the store like black mamaba. if it does not contain the illegal compound or what. because it has very good effects? and y does it noe show on a piss test?

Review by are, February 20, 2010

spice is not illegal in the us,they would like for it to be,but for the time being the only states that regulate it are kansas and mossourri,i live in california and its everywhere. hu-210 and jwh-018 are legal aswell and can be ordered off the internet,your information concerning legality is slightly off

Review by Danny, February 23, 2010

i only actually got to try spice once, and it was really good, but after they made that illegal i started to try some of the other ones, up until they banned them all in December… i used to love Yucatan fire too, not the tastiest legal smoke but wow, such a euphoric high. as for the second generation ones, I’ve tried new dawn by the way and it’s shit, cost me £24 for 3 grams and all it does to me is make me a bit sleepy, and tastes like shit, so complete waste of money…
as for the Mayan ones, they are good if you like salvia… i bought Mayan journey and it turned out to just be salvia mixed up with some other herbs to flavour it. not bad, but it’s not a cannabis alternative as there aren’t any cannabinoids in it, it gets you stupidly high in a salvia way for 10 minutes if you bong it.
my favourite pre-ban smoke was ex-ses gold or spicey xxx, the new versions of these, like the Tribal Warrior Ultimate and the new ex-ses’s, just seem to be the same stuff as before with different cannabinoids in than before. They have that same friendly “ground up bud” look, and that fruity taste, and they still get me nicely baked, but the buzz wears off a lot quicker than it did with the old ones, so I’ve decided to just not bother with the legal ones anymore. Afterall, I’ve got a good source of tasty weed now, and i think what everyone is forgetting is that the safest cannabis-like smoke is indeed cannabis itself, not these herb and chemical mixtures put together by some company who doesn’t even say what’s really in them and don’t recommend smoking it. weed is pure and natural with no additives (unless you’re getting that contaminated shit) so my advice to you all who want to get high is go buy some weed, fuck legality :)

Review by Spizzle Spice, February 27, 2010

i live in utah too and have been on probation for 1 month so far and having tried black mamaba, mr spicy green, and spizzle spice, i must say that spizzle spice scares me it looks very much like it has crystals similar to thc and looks like some dank bud ground up. i smoked 2 small bowls and was more baked then back when i smoked a joint of bud to myself. very potent stuff.

i did find that if i had smoked a bowl of bud then a bowl of spice the spice didnt really phase me. after 1 day bud free the spice really hit hard. the less bud you smoke the better ur spice high will be.

Review by Lizzie, March 4, 2010

I don’t understand how it’s banned. I just went down to my local smoke shop today and bought some blueberry flavored spice and boy was it good :)

Review by Josh, March 6, 2010

I’m with yoshi and hayze, I’m in utah and nothings legal here, but spice seems to be. Tried it once and it was a lot like mj, and comparably expensive. But on the other side a couple bong hits and sit back and enjoy. If it was illegal I sure couldn’t go to the head shop and buy it. But there are different qualities. Tried some that someone got from a gas station, real cheap but apparently not effective. I got the brand posh and it was pretty potent.

Review by ashes, March 7, 2010

yeah;I totally agree! Ive never seen the brand you mentioned,but I just got back from the A.G.E.and C.H.A.M.P. shows in Vegas;and I was doing a little ,well allot of research on;what turned out to be “spice wars”2010! there were so many different labels and products it was hard to keep the samples separated to even begin to compare and nearly impossible to identify the basic herbal ingredients just by sight and smell? One “brand”was so “ugly”it looked like “bug wings&cigarette butts”and I couldn’t bring myself to even consider it!on the other hand some of the fresh, & loamy,herbs turned out to be just cheap fillers,far removed from the rare and carefully balanced combination of herbs and wild flowers that was basis for the herb/ally euphoric ,zen effect & soothing alternative to THC..Only a few still consider these; MAGIC/SILVER&GOLD,CALIFORNIA DREAMS {flavors}try vanilla.{for effect}black mamba & big bang.and for both “ARMAGEDDON”hands down.and although I’m back at home,I still have yet to return from my trip!.

Review by Cam, March 8, 2010

spice is perfectly legal. one type is banned and they still cant test for it because they are dumb as hell. smoke mr nice guy or greenies and you will be fine.

Review by nathan, March 11, 2010

spice is not illgal, and hu-210 is considered an analog drug but is not in spice, hu-210 can only get you hi by consumption. jwh-180 however fits the promo for being an analog drug yet is not in the books so smoke as much spice as you can b4 it becomes illegal. get ur facts straight

Review by danny b, March 11, 2010

I think your all arguing for the wrong reason here, some say it is banned, others say it’s not, thats because in some places it’s not banned and in others it IS! The UK made an ammendment to the misuse of drugs act which made all artificial cannabinoids illegal in december, this instantly took all the herbal blends that actually worked off the market as they ALL contained artificial cannabinoids of some sort (of which there are 100’s!!)

Review by WhudaFxUp23, March 14, 2010

I buy a spice weekly from a smoke shop here in Idaho called “Rebel Spyce”. it says all it is is Damiana leaf and Mullein Leaf extract. its perfectly legal and gets you high as fuck but I want to know if it maybe has more than just those two ingrwdients in it?

Review by dude, March 22, 2010

so here in Arizona spice is legal and i bought it from my local smoke shop although on the package and from what the dude told me it is strictly an inscent and even on the package says not for human consumption…

Review by Anthony D, March 23, 2010

Just a few comments on Spice products. Testing by US Customs revealed that some spice products may contain HU-210. Other tests of similar products have revealed only JWH-018. Fairly little is known about the testing procedure and potential for a false positive when testing products known to contain cannabinoids.

Regardless, several spice products are available locally in AZ which presumably contain only JWH-018. However, more testing needs to be done on these products as they are research chemicals.

Review by Anthony D, March 23, 2010

Just a few comments on Spice products. Testing by US Customs revealed that some spice products may contain HU-210. tests of similar products have revealed only JWH-018. Fairly little is known about the testing procedure and potential for a false positive when testing products known to contain cannabinoids.

Regardless, several spice products are available locally in AZ which presumably contain only JWH-018. However, more testing needs to be done on these products as they are research chemicals.

Review by KC2dominion, March 29, 2010

I’ve been smokin spice for a couple of months now and I have not had any trouble geting it from local shops. The only thing I’m worried about is military testing. Recently we had a sweep and a large group of people are sweating. I completly understand why the US military banned this product, I could list a handful of pro’s and con’s but the truth is it will eventually be outlawed and easily tested for soon. I beleve this mind altering substance will be illegal primarly due to the control factor. For example, and this is just an example, when you get pulled over if the police have any indication you have been drinking they have the right to test you on the spot. If you get pulled over and your on spice, they cannot test for that. Same goes for work, domestic and public intoxication.

Review by Jeff, March 29, 2010

I undersand if you bang your head against a wall it produces quite a “high” and it is legal in all 50 states.

Review by He knows, March 30, 2010

the man knows about, but its making so much money for them in taxes that they don’t give a shit. We are in an economica deppression, people, and beggers are’nt choosers (in the US at least).

Review by bucchong, March 31, 2010

Yep your right hayes.

Spice can be purchased all over Utah & Idaho Its fairly cheap in Utah but Idaho its pretty expensive. A good friend of mine supplies most of the spice for Idaho and Utah. So I think its legal in these two states anyway lol. The guy who say’s spice is illegal in all states is just blowing Spice out of his butt lol.

Review by bucchong, March 31, 2010

Nicole its all Propaganda, just like the war in Iraq was full of bullshit lies and a lot of dead people just for oil and to build the American Empire!. Watch to get the real news Same thing in Afghanistan the Corporate Criminals’ running the US Government our just in this for money and power. Oh yes Spice is legal here in Utah and Idaho.

Review by bucchong, March 31, 2010

Sorry bro but the Military does test for Spice in Utah and people our losing there jobs over it.

Unreal I know because Spice is so weak compared to good weed. I’ll take weed over spice any day. The Spice I tried gave a nice high for one hour then it was gone. Now good weed like I smoke will keep you really high for a good three to four hours easily that’s like five hits. I feel like Spice is okay for people who don’t smoke on a regular basis, its for light weights. No comparison to real good weed

Review by Berny, April 1, 2010

Black Mamba and Rebel Spice and Mr Spicey Green- all contain JWH-018 . Dont kid yourself that its just Damiana . Any Spice that really gets you a cananibinoid buzz has a research chemical such as JWH-018 sprayed on the leafy matter then dried. Only 2 milligrams of JWH-018 will get most people very buzzed- so to break it down $45.00 ( 1 gram) of pure JWH-018 will kick out 500 2 mg hits.
They cause some people to have respiratory problems. Berny knows people who have..

Review by D'uh, April 2, 2010

I may purchase cocaine, heroin, and cannabis all down the street from my house, so by your logic that means it’s not banned… Dumb asses, all of you.

Review by long jonny, April 5, 2010

hey dude its not banned at all, i live in idaho and i can guy it at every smoke shop, it feels just like weed and does not show up on drug tests, it doesnt have thc in it. so they dont test for it, and if they do test for it, just say u ate ur grandmas “made from scratch, spegetti and meat balls” lol im looking to buy this online for a cheaper price then the smoke shops, anyone know where?

Review by Bcool, April 6, 2010

I agree Spizzle is some strong shit- pretty different from common spice. As of 2010, it seems like everyone smokes spice in Utah…

Review by John Smith, April 7, 2010

i dont care what anyone says cannabis doesnt have a negative affect on my body. But im worried these spices will fuck me up in the long run…so are these spices harmful for your body

Review by ricepicker, April 11, 2010

i’m sorry but this is wrong, spice is still legal, i live in bountiful,ut and i just bought a gram of “black mamba” a brand of gold spice at a smoke shop down the street, and i have bought it in slc,ut many times as well. so anyone who says it’s illegal they are wrong, it is controlled i some states but, it’s only controlled in like 5 of them.

Review by ConfusedGIrl, April 11, 2010

I live in AZ, and we can buy it here. I have been looking it up on line, and although officials discourage use, I have not found anything that bad about it, more than it’s just unknown. Dose anyone have any REAL reasons (besides that it can be undetectable when driving… Seriously??) why it shouldn’t be smoked? Has anyone died from it? Had any long term effects? It’s not toxic, and seems to be other wise harmless. I really would like some documented issues if anyone has any.

Review by mike, April 12, 2010

i can get you a strong blend that kicks the smoke shops ass for half the price 10 bucks per gram and its much more potent.

Review by Ryan, April 13, 2010

it is banned… weed is banned and you can buy that to 😉

Review by Mollybeth, April 13, 2010

We can buy it in Maui too.

Review by spicer, April 13, 2010

i smoke spice everyday and you can legally buy anywhere but most are sold as an incense and say not for human consumption… just like if you where to get cought huffing spray paint your most likely going to jail even thought a can of paint is legal. im glad theres a big loophole for a legal high but you still wouldnt go blowing in a cops face or anything.

Review by Jimmy, April 16, 2010

You guys are really dumb. Does anyone research things before they post them. Spice and all the other spice a likes are legal in the US. You can buy them off the internet and have it shipped to your home no problem. I have to say that ignorant people love to shoot off at the mouth and if you dont like the stuff dont damn smoke it. It is real easy to pass judgement on something you know absolutely nothing about. I am sure the jack asses that are on here saying to beat your head against the wall it gives you a mind altering experience probabally drink themselves stupid at least twice a week. Oh and you people need to learn how to spell reading your posts make me want to actually beat my head against the wall!

Review by james, April 17, 2010

I think that that the so called Spice brand(s) such as spice gold, diamond etc. are illegal as someone else pointed out earlier. This is because of the HU-210 chemical. There are many “spice” products that have the JWH-018 which are legal but are not the brand name spice. I think this is where the confusion is coming from, brand name vs generically calling all blends with JWH-018 “spice”. If someone else has posted this I apologize.

Review by arnie, April 17, 2010

where do you buy your rebel spice? i bought some in nampa Id and it was 23.00 for a gram thats alot of money.

Review by marc, April 22, 2010

look for K2 summit online like 9 grams for 90 bucks and its pretty good, just remember to hold that shit in for like fifteen seconds you get so stoned!

Review by dojah, April 26, 2010

Spice sold legally and from a reputable name. DOJAH STRONG SPICE with AWESOME FLAVORS! Blueberry-Peach-Watermelon-Strawberry_Reg

Review by cody, April 27, 2010

i live in maine and that shit is still legal as cigs as long as your 18

Review by stephanie, April 27, 2010

this might sound horrible, but i’ve been smoking spice here and there while pregnant…probably once or twice a week and not much. does anyone know of it’s effects? because i can’t find any research done on it online…i’m a little scared and know that i shouldnt really be doing it, but i did read that because its ingredients are similar to marijuana the effects in pregnancy would be similar as well…which the only researched and proved study is that people who smoked weed during pregnancy, their baby is more likely to have ADHD. any help?

Review by Stevo, April 27, 2010

What is this guy talking about. I just bought K-2 here in Indiana. The are going to make it illegal though. Some states already have but there isn’t any national law.

Review by LEVE IT, May 1, 2010


Review by rip, May 8, 2010

its legal in colorado every head shop here sells it and i live in crappy fort morgan which is only like eight miles across……blak mamba and mr spicy all sold here u just have to be 18

Review by anonperson, May 9, 2010

Yeah, me too. I also live in Idaho and buy Spice at a local store. Not illegally. It is just sold as an incense.

Review by urban alleys, May 9, 2010 is where the spice is gonna be at at wholesale prices and carry the best incense in the u.s. the website will be up in a couple days but until then call 208-713-5460 to place ur orders must be 18 or older to order. thanks urban alleys

Review by SPICE, May 11, 2010

depending on where you’re located i might be able to hook me up, drop me a line at my e-mail

Review by D'uh Uh, May 12, 2010

Yes but can you buy your cocaine, heroin, and cannabis in a legal store or do you buy them from a friendly neighborhood drug dealer? I agree they’re all dumbasses but your comment didn’t do alot to prove you any smarter.

Review by gloria browne, May 13, 2010

My son smoked something called black magic incense and he is out in left field somewhere talking about people talking in codes and people trying to get him. Have anyone else had any experieces like this. I took him to see a Dr. because his behaviorial is not the same. If anyone can give me some information about this black magic incense side effect, i would appreciate.

Review by Subtle, May 13, 2010

There is this new incense spice called “CHILL” it’s stronger and lasts longer check it out looooove it! Highly recommended!

Review by Subtle, May 13, 2010

There is this new spice out called “CHILL” its stronger and lasts longer. Highly recommended! check it out

Review by mel, May 14, 2010

omg, you haven’t smoked the crazy sht that is considered moderately strong or pink that i have. i buy it at a smoke shop. i never had this kind of crazy high from pot…

Review by Kyle, May 16, 2010

Okay, so the other day I went to a headshop and found myself a thing called “Space”. It is sold as a potpourri (but it doesn’t even have a strong smell at all, it smells like tea) in 1-3 gram bags. It seems like the same thing as Spice, because me and a couple buddies smoked it and experienced the same effects. So I wanted to let everyone know that if you are looking for another “legal high” just go down to your local tobacco shop and ask for some Space.

Review by brandon, May 20, 2010

just because its legal, doesn’t mean its legit. I’ve smoked weed probably more than any of you growing up in Cali and being legalized since i was 18. I’ve smoked spice because i moved to Utah and don’t have a hook. Been doing it for about 2 months a spice is completely different. I will say its probably the most closest thing you can smoke to get high like you would with bud. But…when i smoke spice i don’t want to do shit, when i smoke weed i can still get shit done. Cardio wise spice is horrible for you, where as i can smoke a bowl of weed and still want to run at the gym without losing breath. Ask any local hospital about spice and they will tell you horror stories about brain swelling, seizures, and near overdose. Something weed has never done. I don’t think spice is horrible, but id put money on the long term effects of spice smoking being most likely bad. It is also much more addicting the weed. When i smoke a bowl of spice i feel like someone is pushing my forehead in, when i smoke weed i just feel a clean high. Anyone that has smoked Real weed in their life would also probably agree that spice tastes like shit in comparison. Although you can hold in spice longer because it goes down a little smoother. I’ve also noticed that it doesn’t matter HOW MUCH spice you smoke to get high, it matters HOW LONG you hold it in. Similar to weed, but much more evident in spice smoking. I couldn’t smoke a blunt of spice and inhale and exhale quickly, and that would be about the same as me smoking one bowl of spice and holding it in till theres nothing to blow out. Overall, Im not convinced on spice. Sure its nice to not worry about a drug test, but unless your on parole which, im not, imma stick to mother nature. Not some man made bullshit.

Review by birdman, May 20, 2010

ive been smoking spice for about 6months everyday… i smoke blunts and joints. make my own shit so its cheaper but basicly the same shit… i prolly smoke close to a quarter a day ha. i really havnt had that bad of side effects as a thought i might from a chemical. i do get a hangover in the morning if im up all night smoking but really thats about it. you can buy it at almost every head shop in the state of illinois right now..


Review by thizzkid, May 20, 2010

i do no were to buy it for 10 a gram

Review by the ron, May 22, 2010

If you do some more research. You will find out that NONE of the smoking/incense blends have ever contained HU-210. HU-210 cannot be smoked. It MUST be ingested orally. JWH-018 is the chemical in the “Incense Blends” that we are discussing. Spice Diamond was reported to have HU-210 in it by a competitor. This caused a shipment to be confiscated and tested. (which was a good business move by the comptitor) But as for being banned. No, Spice is not banned in the US. I just bought 3 grams of Spice Diamond yesterday.
HU-210 is banned, but again, this chemical degrades when heat is applied to it and cannot be smoked. I will find my sources and post them here. But quit giving wrong info. The Spice banned story is hoopla. That particular blend is not banned, it was just under investigation. Check forums they provide all the info on this that you need, with sources.

Review by Anthony, May 22, 2010

If you are looking for high quality spice, email me and let me know

Review by esray, May 24, 2010

Does it show up on ua as positive

Review by, May 28, 2010

I live in Idaho as well and buy Hayze Spice by the gram, about 22 bucks. It’s great stuff, lasts slightly longer than MJ, and is LEGAL IN IDAHO, PERIOD. There are at least 3 here in Twin Falls, and I suggest people go out and get some before the government completely does take another medicinal/recreational drug away from us. I wish it came in bulk! It does get expensive, but is well worth it! The Hawaiian is the best/closest to THC feeling. The bubble gum and blueberry and a tiny bit trippy and calming. The Eruption is great mixed with the white, and enhances libido driving blood to the genital region for one hell of an orgasm. Try them all if you can, and while you can. Thumbs up! Don’t take away our legal buds US!

Review by, May 28, 2010

You can totally buy pipes in any headshop in Idaho; I live in Twin Falls.. we have the Fat Ratt Tattoo shop and the Smoke shop on S. Washington. Just stay away from SALVIA. That shit’ll fuck you up! BAD! Not a fun high if smoked too much, and easy to do so! We are not all momo’s up here in Idaho; mostly we are just chill people who each love some vice of our own. Don’t hate. If you can’t buy a pipe in a store than go on-line and buy one. There are ways!

Review by joyn, May 28, 2010

black magic is about to become illegal in alabama… i do believe it’s the jhw-018 compound that is being banned, which includes all incense smoke blends i’ve ever heard of…. it seems that the government WANTS people to buy cannabis instead of giving a legal, taxable alternative.

Review by Eric, May 29, 2010

It’s not completely banned all over the United States. I think it’s only a few states, I may be mistaken but I think it is Tennessee that has banned it. And most likely some other states have done the same, however I live in Arizona, and right down the street is a smoke shop that sells the stuff. They even have big ass sign on the front that advertises the shit, it’s good stuff. I just really want to know it there are any serious long term effects that I should worry about. Other than that, I believe it could be a perfect substitute for cannabis.

Review by Seth, May 31, 2010

Well I live in utah and I get the best shit on the market for the cheepest 11 a gram instead of 22 a gram so hit me up and I can see if I can help you out

Review by james, June 5, 2010

In Everett WA, we get black mamba, rasberry mamba, strawberry mamba, blueberry mamba, naughty nights, mr spicy, nola gold, supernova, carribean mamba, king kong, many others i cant remember. They all fuck you up! 15 bucks a gram. or 3 grams for like 29.99

Review by kazzi, June 5, 2010

it should be illegal that stuff gave me a horrible trip

Review by Joe, June 8, 2010

I have been smoking spice forever and I live in Utah. I get it from a place in Utah called Big Poppas. They are on like 90th South and 1300 West. They carry like 10 brands there and if I remember right it’s like 10 bucks! There phone number is 801-352-7018. Smoke Spice people, it’s GREAT!

Review by kelly, June 14, 2010

what is k-2 blond like I just bought some but afraid to try it.

Review by wholesale salvia, June 18, 2010

I think there is no need Smoking Blend to be Banned,why?

Review by Jacob, June 23, 2010

It’s not banned at all….lol
buy the most potent and up and coming most popular herb

Review by Jillian, June 23, 2010

Instead of arguing with people about whether this herbal substance is illegal or not, pick up a new hobby. There is a big world out there outside of your basement and spice collections :)

Review by Testing, June 25, 2010

Gentlemen, you’re overpaying.

Red Magic Spice is sold on 24th Street in Ogden, UT at the Drive-up mart, at $5 a gram. Everywhere else, its sold $10. They have about fifty different flavors, and its wonderful. Take a drive, stock up, it’ll be worth your while.

Review by brandon, June 30, 2010

ya actually i know where you can get it really cheap! check B Spicy on myspace! or email me! they ship all over and you can pick different smells and strengths

Review by brandon, June 30, 2010

ten bucks a gram!!!? where do you live!? i pay 5 maybe six at most! B Spicy on

Review by jeff, June 30, 2010

Hey James,

where at in Everett??

Review by Jamie, July 3, 2010

People, please do your research before commenting. Spice is a chemically produced product which contains the illegal substance hu-210. That is the main reason it is banned in the US. If you are buying legal bud through a head shop, then you are smoking damiana. Technically called turnera diffusa, this tobacco by-product is nothing more than a little yellow flower, in which the leaves and stems contain jwh-018. Much like the cannaboid chemical thc. It is safe to consume, but has to be labeled “not for human consumption” in order for it the float under the radar of authorities. In some rare cases, extremely excessive amounts used over very long periods of time can cause liver problems, similar to that of alcohol. So if you are looking for a cannabis alternative, look for 100% damiana. Be weary of mixtures such as Serenity, K2 and other “herbal incense” blends. There is not a lot of information pertaining to the long term health effects of these other ingredients. They are only used as fillers, flavor enhancers, and to prolong the euphoric effects of the damiana. Damiana can be purchased from your local herb shop or online at various herbal supply sites. It is currently under the State eye, and is illegal to purchase in TN as of July 1st. Feel free to email me with questions or comments at I hope this has helped to educate you and happy smoking! :-)


Review by Kaleb, July 3, 2010

not banned here in colorado! bought one gram today for about 12 bucks. i love spice!

Review by Krontopic, July 4, 2010

Spice isn’t illegal in the united states. i buy it in michigan. and michigan jus happens to be a state within the united states. its regulated i know that but not illegal

Review by Raz, July 8, 2010

You can buy spice at the local convience store here in Franklin NC

Review by David Summers, July 9, 2010

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Staff Sgt. David Lee Summers Disabled in combat

Review by zackk, July 10, 2010

its totally legal, i smoked it in front of a cop in new mexico!

Review by ryan H, July 12, 2010

kennewick wa sells spice at all their smoke shops and that means it cant be banned it would not be sold in stors. you have to buy pot from some randome dealer you know not a store. :p

Review by Chris, July 13, 2010

I THINK the whole confusion about, is spice banned or not is because, only the original brand of spice that is actually called just “spice” and “spice gold” were banned for containing illegal substances. BUT there are still many many other brands for what everyone calls spice which do not contain illegal substances and are sold in stores all around america….. I THINK.

Review by Kelton, July 13, 2010

Spice is not banned i live in utah and like the other kid said you can buy it at smoke shops or like 5 bucks and it dont last 5 hours it last about an hour and i feels just like weed munchies and every thing

Review by Nate, July 13, 2010

noob here, maybe a dumb question. Are all spices equal (get you high) or do you need to buy a particular brand?


Review by Nate, July 13, 2010

Noob question here, do all spices work or do you need to buy a particular brand?

Review by Spice Guy, July 16, 2010

I’m not a huge fan of it, but it isn’t bad, but for all of you that are concerned about the cost, or would like to buy it in volume, do the research on the net and they sell kits for you to make your own. A good friend of mine made his own, that is just as good as the “brand” names. I think it cost him about $350-$400 to make a little over half a pound. I won’t be back to this site to check responses, so don’t ask me questions, I just know that he researched and found it online, and I’ve seen ads in “high times” magazine that sell kits for you to make you own as well. Good luck finding it

Review by Cassie Thompson, July 18, 2010

is spice the same as smoking hookah?

Review by Lui Feliciano, July 20, 2010

it has almost the same effect…but i think it has a couple different chemicals………………….the GOV should make it legal i mean its nothing really wrong with the substance & its garunteed a 10 times stress reliever thats bigger then weed itself….

Review by matt martin, July 20, 2010

at best prices any where they sell rebel cheap its all cheap they have the best

Review by Ashok Sethi, July 22, 2010

Yes i went into a random mall the other day that had a tobacco shop in and its just sold as incense and says not to smoke it because of the high, so it is legal to buy the incense which does the same thing. I personally prefer weed because it lasts me 4 times longer but obviously thats not the case for everyone, i’d recommend trying it, i had some supernova that tasted very similar and i got just as high just for a shorter time, everyone definitely needs to try this.

Review by foreveryoung, July 22, 2010

I believe Spice should be illegal. Weed has never shown the effects that Spice has given many users. I was in the hospital; vomiting, barely breathing, and I’ve lost a lot of memory. Now I’m troubled with remembering things I need to but I’m stuck with horrible anxiety that the memories caused by that drug. And now I have to live with my boyfriend constantly smoking it because it never effected him.. but nearly killed me.

Review by bRaNdOn, July 22, 2010

i got some hayze spice @ a mma solier fight shop on broadway in boise id. it was ten bucks for one of those little jars PLUS i got to sample a bag of strawberry kush. they got some sick sales right now too.

Review by John, July 22, 2010

hey man ur right its not illegal. i live in utah i actually sell it. the smoke shops sell it ten bucks a g i sell it for five. i buy wholesale. if u want some elt me know its not illegal to ship as i ship it to texas to my friends where im from because there it goes 15 bucks a gram. i sell organic spice, so it contains no jwh or anything harmful its 100 percent organic.

Review by KUI, July 23, 2010


Review by KUI, July 23, 2010


Review by Bubba, July 23, 2010

Spice is legal in Texas as well.

Review by ariel OREGON, July 28, 2010


Review by Brian, July 30, 2010

PEOPLE… PLEASE post this anywhere and everywhere that you know of where there is a forum for Spice. I PERSONALLY WITNESSED my friend have a stroke from smoking spice! The shit is not regulated, because it is sold as incense. The manufacturers of this stuff are putting shit that you CANNOT SMOKE in it for flavor or scent. I mean, fuck, half of the brands are dipped in fucking acetone! Please, for the love of God, just stick to the Ganja, it is and always will be the best and safest drug when vaporized… if you are on probation just wait until you aren’t! Maybe someday, there will be brands that regulate the content, maybe there already are, but please, DO THE RESEARCH before you inhale the combustion of something you bought at a convenience store, that bought it from a podunk warehouse, who dips their shit in ACETONE!

And to the pregnant woman smoking an unknown substance with another life inside you, what the fuck are you thinking?

Here is a list of side effects people I PERSONALLY KNOW have had from smoking spice:
-Sore throat, bleeding ulcers in throat, tenderness in lungs
-Paranoia, hallucinations WITHOUT euphoria, and even SCHIZOAFFECTIVE symptoms… ie, onset of Schizophrenia
-Severe migraine headaches the morning after; Persistent, lingering minor headaches
-Muscle twitches and spasms, eventually turning into a seizure-ridden stroke. I am not fucking around, my buddy PASSED THE FUCK out and went blue in the face for 5-10 minutes… we were on the phone with the paramedics when he came back to life, and luckily we hadn’t given any information, but luckily he didn’t fucking DIE. He is still experiencing ALL OF THESE SYMPTOMS from smoking about a gram a day of various brands bought in Utah.

Please people, spread the news… this shit is fucking wack!

Review by cory, July 30, 2010

spice is good and all but if you smoke weed a lot spice is not going to get you that high unless you get the highest quality witch is about 30 bucks where i live.

Review by david, August 1, 2010

kazzie and forever young…I think they should ban water as a friend of mine drowned…I have to suffer the indignities of knowing that swimming pools are still open and we’re still ALLOWED in the sea…it always makes ME nervous because a friend of mine drowned.

What a crock of proverbial….just cause YOU had an anxious time you think it should be illegal??? LOL – not that YOU shouldn’t smoke it but that it shouldn’t be avaliable to others.

Is that some crazy shit or what?

Review by Va, August 1, 2010

So Um, if its illegal how come you can buy it at Head shops in Oregon as of August 2010? And seriously, as far as potential danger, Salvia has way more potential and you can buy that here too. Maybe its because Oregon is a huge population of hippies, and yippies (ex-hippy now yuppy)

Review by Richie, August 1, 2010

Hell yea man i live in twin too and this shit is bomb but i have a private hook up i buy for 3$ a gram and sell for 10 This shit rocks but resignates the hell out of your pipe. exscuse my spellin

Review by jlw, August 3, 2010

if you are in Idaho and in the boise area Spice is sold pretty cheap at the herb and incense shop on state street.

Review by Lala, August 3, 2010

@Ryan. You really need to read up on your laws. Spice is not banned. Weed is illgeal yes but what you are missing is SPICE IS NOT WEED. It has never been regulated by the Federal Goverment. Yes certain states have made the sell of it illegal (even though all of those laws were just recently passed in 2010) but most have not regulated it at all. I live in South Florida and it is actually sold right next door from the police at a convenience store.

@Freeze- I’m currently on Probation and get drug tested once a month and have never shown up positive as Spice does not actually contain THC (which is the ingredient they test for). You can buy it at any Head Shop and other places depending on where you live. I buy it at corner stores and flea markets.

Review by tyson, August 4, 2010

How much you sell it for to be shipped to me here in st George. Total price? Cantfind that shit no where here.

Review by kevin lewis, August 5, 2010

I live in lucedale, mississippi and i was trying to find out about how much i would have to purchase to get some shipped to me. the best stuff we have comes from new orleans but the spice i tried a year or so ago and was way stronger. just hit me up on my email with some info even if you can’t ship it to me.

Review by jay, August 5, 2010

yeah it isn’t banned here in Wyoming either!

Review by James, August 8, 2010

I live in Clinton, Ut. What’s the easiest why to get it from you?

Review by James, August 8, 2010

where and how much??

Review by James, August 8, 2010

I also live in utah. I get mine from a small shop in Roy. it come in resealable containers. the Majic is very good, the Funky Munkey is ok.
The more you buy he will give you discount very nice guy. The Orange is pretty good but the smell I don’t like much. The Pineapple just smells nasty but it does do the job.

Review by cassie, August 11, 2010

Its legal in wyoming. And it wont be illegal at least not this year. Me and my fiance own our company making KREEPER incense. We manufacture it and sell it in stores in wyoming its better than k2 or anything i have ever tried and i have tried it ALL, (since me being a incense manufacturer and all). Check out our website or email us at to order some or to purchase some if you live in the rock springs area. Its good stuff.

Review by cassie, August 11, 2010

Wow jamie are you really that uneducated? you need to be taught a few things cause you have no idea what your talking about! haha jesus.

Review by Jason, August 13, 2010

Here is what you do.

Buy 2 ounces of marshmallow leaf herb, smokes real clean, cheap as hell, like $5 online for the 2 ounces.

Then buy 1 GRAM of JWH-018 chemical online for like $50 MAX.

Put Marshmallow leaf in bong. Take a small, let me say this again, take a VERY SMALL amount of JWH-018, a light frosting of JWH-018 ontop of the marshmallow leaf.

Smoke this and you are high. WEED HIGH.

I don’t know the numbers, but i can tell you, its a better high, its a longer\stronger high, and its way cheaper.

If you wanted to get fancy you could delude the JWH-018 in acetone and then soaked herbs in it. Make sure to Dry it really well and use 100% pure Acetone.

Review by jomama, August 13, 2010

can you overdose on spice??

Review by Theabee, August 14, 2010

okay, i live in VA and my friends and i travel to chralestown WV to purchase the smoking blend Mr. Nice guy, in my personal experience i have tried both K2 and Nice guy and Nice Guy is the strongest stuff they have out on the makret. The trip is extremly long and the effects are many (your paranoid, hungry, loose feeling in your legs or arms becoming numb-like, and very very dizzy)
i have been smoking nice guy for the past two months almost non-stop, its highly addictive plus the cost is really cheap, $15.00.(1.5grams) i have been without it for a week and have became very sick as well as all my friends, my body is going into shock its similar to the stomach flu and swine flu, you shake, feel dizzy, extreme headaches, and out of breath feelings.
all i’m saying is that be careful with how much you smoke of it because within a week or two you will become very dependant on the product its a very stong/good smoking blend, i do like it a lot but i know now that i won’t be smoking it for awhile because it needs to get out of my system first.

Review by Lynne, August 15, 2010

It’s a good high and you can even buy it here in Indiana. The shop keepers keep it out of sight but we know it’s there. Personally, I like both pot and spice individually by their own merits but my fave is to mix them. Best of both worlds!

Review by mia, August 17, 2010

My 18 yrs old brother and his two buddies ended up in the hospital last week from smoking this crap. After he got so freaking high, he started to hallucinate and wanted to gain control, get back to reality…He couldn’t cuz it’s not like a light switch. He wanted to cause pain to himself and wanted to jump off from the 3rd floor down. Under-estimated this crap almost took his own life. Legal or not…it doesnt really matter when people wants to, they can get this crap regardless.

Review by killerZ, August 17, 2010

you can buy spice almost anywhere in utah now, even in gas stations even though its much easyer to use a 5 finger discount..

Review by Shorty, August 18, 2010

I agree with you Jimmy it has been quite mind-boggling reading some of this stuff people are writing, it is a major headache giver.

Review by Shorty, August 18, 2010

DO YOU GUYS NOT READ THESE FUCKING POSTS OBVIOUSLY THE SHIT IS NOT GOOD FOR YOU JUST SMOKE WEED, It will end up being illegal eventually and honestly the only people who truely know if it’s good or not is the people who are getting fucked by this shit, A genleman just said that his friend had a stroke and all you care you’re the stupidest fucking people not not read THE ENTIRE BLOOGS TO KNOW WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING this shit can’t be good! The only “good” thing is weed itself, and if you’re a parent living in a state where weed is 100% illegal and you get raped in the ass by the fucks who arrested you if you smoke it. Thonse parents need to come up with an alternative for weed because they love the weed but they dont want to risk anything happening to their kids because of it, or anybody who even wants to smoke the shit. DONT FUCKING SMOKE IT. Wait until weed is Legal. I am sure there have been many people who die from this shit, and nobody would even know because they are dead to say what the fuck happened. So please be smart everybody, just smoke weed or dont smoke anything, it’s better safe than sorry,

Review by tara renee., August 18, 2010

my husband & I used to smoke Spice instead of weed cause it does not show up on your drug tests. but when I had my first trip I was done..i had suicidal thoughts, which would have NEVER crossed my mind before. it really is unexplainable..some people experience the same types of trips as people who do LSD & Acid. my husband kept smoking it cause he thinks he’s bad-ass but last night was the trip that did it…Even if u guys are smoking & have been smoking u may not have experienced “the” trip yet..dont mess with this stuff..its messed up& more dangerous than weed.

Review by Josh, August 18, 2010

Anyone know where I can get it in San Antonio, Texas?? Im your average hard working 20 year old that would so anything to get the same effect as weed and wont get into any trouble for it :)

Review by Sam, August 19, 2010

I get it for five buck a gram in ogden utah, now that is a steal

Review by Sam, August 19, 2010

Where was he buying it from?

Review by Sparkle, August 20, 2010

Hi John, can you email me, I would love to find how where you get it wholesale, especially since it organic.

Review by lee_terry_jr, August 22, 2010

according to the news spice is currently legal in all but 1 state where it was banned (i researched it on the net)i dont remember that 1 state was at the moment however spice can be obtained through most smoke shops and/or head shops almost anywhere that sells pipes or water pipes aka bongs is likely to have it you can also get it from the net however the government is warning against the use of spice since it can cause schizophrenia hallucinations problems breathing and in rare cases it can put you in a coma it will not show up on drug tests that i am aware of (my neighbor smokes it and shes on probation so far her tests have been clean) and the government is currently taking of making spice, k2, and saliva, all illegal so it might become illegal at any time now

Review by MD, August 22, 2010

I sell Spice by the Kilo for $8,000

Review by Shoado, August 22, 2010

Ummm yea K3 Ultra Blend for me plz…… this is the greatest shit ever well besides my long time love :) Will miss u Marryjane hahahaha

Review by Anonymous, August 23, 2010

You can actually get 4 grams for 15.99 at chevron. Thats what i buy in boise, idaho.

Review by john, August 24, 2010

I pray they ban it in all 50 states there are so many negitive effects in smoking spice or doing anything that can alter someones thinking and reasoning process is dangerous and if they ban it there should a stiff penalty if caught using or selling it. (Lets say some serious jail time like six months HARD LABOR for the first offense. Our country has went to Shit by allowing are citizens to use brain altering chemicals because nobody wnats to take responsiblity for there lives.

Review by devasted, August 25, 2010

I understand all the smokers that want to be able to keep smoking Spice but I wonder if they realize the ramifications it can have. My brother had been clean for 2 years until he heard about Spice, now he is smoking it daily. I’ve seen him so messed up on it that he was drooling and couldn’t talk. He buys it at Fat Rat here in Idaho. I wonder if they think about the consequences of selling it? He works for the railroad, not only does he go to work high, he has smoked it at work. Its all fine and good to have some fun but this stuff could get someone killed.

Review by Nat, August 25, 2010

This spice thing is a Pandora’s box. Enjoy it, but be responsible. It should not be totally in the open. There really should be some sort of regulation. Otherwise, it will be classified as an illegal substance. If abused by many.

Review by Angela, August 26, 2010

I was just about to post telling people that not all strands of spice is illegal. Some strands are illegal in some states. Believe me, I have done my research! The last thing I want to do is get busted for fake weed :)

I know that here in Georgia they made a certain strand illegal, and since then they have come out with different and still LEGAL options. Most of it is not as good as the original.

I do have some GOOD NEWS though! I found a company called KB Herbal Incense which has a very potent blend that I *highly* approve of, pun very much intended! 😛 And, it is legal in ALL 50 states! Not only does it get you high, it is cheaper than what the head shops and gas stations are selling it for around here and you can order it online which means that it gets shipped directly to my door which is awesome to me!

You can check them out at I just ordered 3 more grams and right now they have free shipping which makes it even better.

Just thought I would share with you my new alternative :)

Review by NICHOLE CHRISTY, August 27, 2010


Review by cody, August 29, 2010

spice is legal here in tc michigan baybe smoke all day bitches!!!!

Review by X, August 30, 2010

I tried posh, still unsure of what all possible effects or possible side effects, or what is put on what all products or how all it works, etc.

I have been doing research and have learned alot from different forums, however every forum was full of people with opinions and very little cite information, slowing down my research, as well as lots of add spammers slowing my research.
a lot of people with opinions and little fact everywhere.., and you know what they say about opinions.
Anything with acetone in it would be harmful to smoke, with REAL chemistry the chemicals used for production are removed from the final product for that reason.

I do not know what is in or on posh and thus I would not have used it before research had I not had a good reason, however I have found it to have alot of good effects and only a few negative, but very disturbing- possibly health threatening side effects.
Some of the possible side effects of JWH-018 reported all over the place seem to be very bad.
When I tried posh I got a nice long lasting buzz, some anxiety, and speedier heart rate, I was enjoying it a great deal yet very uneasy form it simultaneously. It somewhat reminded of salvia and it somewhat reminded of cid, and somewhat of when I use to smoke crank and I really hope it had no acetone in it cuz something that could be life threatening.
I really think “big brother” involvement isn’t a good idea. Although I do believe all the people simply buying random herbs and the research chemical and trying to make their own product for the greed of money and fuck it if someone gets hurt is horrible, and anyone that would dry acetone on top an herbal blend is a F-ing moron.
Nowadays so many research chems are put in the market by many different people and many different companies, under many different names that it makes it all very confusing, and regulation in the forum of ingredient requirements and testing to make sure no obviously harmful things like acetone are used would be a good idea.
Even the FDA allows pharmaceuticals to hit the market just to end-up recalling them because of negative results with negative consequences and resulting in class action law-suits that only make lawyers rich and get no real justice for those who were injured.
There are many herbs that have been used for centuries that are good for people even with negative accompanying effects. I am going to say that if you do try one the blends out there to only buy from a good company and to discontinue use if the negatives outweigh the positives….,
back to my research, and I will post any good info found with citation.

Peace & love to all (no homo).

Review by smarterthanu, August 30, 2010

aha a kilo for 8,000 dollars….are u retarded? who the hell is gonna bestupid enough to ever buy that, get robbed saying stuf like that to the wrong people, listen order your research cemicals, jwh exct, and make it yourself. it will end up being 30-a gram of jwh-10mg is a dose. so do the math/. fucking lames….J.E.t>S getLRG

Review by Jacob, August 30, 2010

If you guy’s like spice….has anyone tried “BlackJack”
it’s really new and it’s the most potent….and soon to be released by the makers of “REDMAGIC” the strongest spice in the world.
Coming soon “ROCKSTAR”

I am a little biased because I am a distributor but off all the brands I sell, I assure everyone that smokes crap like K2, or blackmamba crap.

that this stuff will knock you out…lol…, make sure you don’t hit it like mamba,…because it’s twice as strong…and smoother too.

Review by Dale Rhea, August 30, 2010

well i have to say that i agree that it is shit… my boyfriend just smoked it and now he’s at the hospital cause i he couldn’t breath and his heart rate was 125.. he’s only 18 and i literally thought he was gonna die… i believe that once weed always weed and if not; then nothing.. end of story…. buh bye

Review by bruce, September 1, 2010

im in Idaho to. they sell it in just about every gas station here.

Review by Babygurl23, September 3, 2010

I live in columbia South Carolina and there is 2 types of stores that sell spice it is so many different kinds of spice and my favorite is the k2, yea buddy pink, and the meditation. Back in april I had a drug test 4 days after smoking spice and guess what I got the job.

Review by JBD, September 4, 2010

Dave… you’re a douche. You claim to have served in the military overseas, yet you site, belive, and preach a Hollywood movie, which quite fankly, was very inaccurate as far as DoD procedures and military structure is concerned. Get your facts from a decent source and understand that not everything you read, see, or hear is true.

And yes, spice is legal for now. But not for you Sergeant.

Review by tim, September 5, 2010

Spice is elegel in Louisiana. Since da15 th SUM1 WAS IN THA PAPER GOIN TO JAIL FOR HAVIN ITi I luv it. It they go NA ban it everywhere get ready

Review by HAYZE SPICE, September 5, 2010

Black Mamba, K2, etc. is SHIT. “HAYZE SPICE”, produced in TWIN FALLS, IDAHO, is the one and only. Who the fuck wants to put acetone in their body? THAT is part of what’s causing these horrible side effects. You can keep your blisters down your throat smoking the rest of that garbage. HAYZE SPICE, in great flavors such as Bubblegum, Blueberry, Citrus, Strawberry Kush, Watermelon Kush, Eruption, Hawaiian, Hawaiian Vacation, Blueberry Hawaiian, Hawaiian Hurricane, Trainwreck, and more. If your goal is the cheapest high, stick to the garbage that’s going to put blisters down your throat and cause you to want to rape yourself with a pair of pliers; it’s only 5 bucks @ the local Chevron. But if you want a SAFE, unbelievable, ENJOYABLE high, try “HAYZE SPICE”, and you WON’T GO BACK.

Review by crystal, September 7, 2010

no it dose not show up on drug test and u get the same high as weed.its a better high than weed i love it.

Review by Jake, September 8, 2010

Spice is legal in some States I live in Utah and bought some last week. So who ever out there thinks its banned… well ya just not everywhere…

Review by matt, September 9, 2010

what brand off spice is the closest to weed?

Review by hibopbadibity, September 12, 2010

cops around my area say if we catch you smoking it, we are taking it, and your getting fined for using a substance mispermitted. Because its banned appearantly you need a permit to have it in your posession?!?! and as far as it being illegal, no you will not get a felony if caught with it. so banned yeah, illegal no, research your local tobacco shops and then referr to the merchant there as to where you can buy in bulk. If he is a cool enough guy he might just order it for you to make some change off it buy reuping with his stock. (illegal though)

Review by to dope, September 13, 2010

5 bucks dawk what the fuck i pay like 15 a gram shits expensive hear in az lol

Review by NervousBOY, September 14, 2010

Considering getting some of this stuff to try…due to random testing at work. Former MJ smoker (20yrs worth)….and interested in the LEGAL high alternatives.

Spice sounds cool, but some of the horror stories I hear on here SCARE me! I’d love a good buzz….but a ride in an Ambulance, and to stare at the ceiling of a Trauma Room don’t sound like it’s really worth it. Still thinking about it………….but very VERY nervous.

I live in Northern Idaho…and haven’t seen it sold anywhere here. Guess us rednecks up here are a bit behind the times. Yeee ha!

I need to hear FOR SURE……can you get by the Random Piss test at work on this stuff?? For real? I cannot afford to lose my career, because I miss my old bonging-up days.


Review by tony, September 15, 2010

i live in houston tx and its not illegal u can buy it at so many places yall trippin

Review by matt, September 15, 2010

Fuck you why are you on a site that talks about spice if your to much of a faggot to even try it

Review by matt, September 15, 2010

Military does not test for spice..i am in the USMC and i passed every drug test stoned as fuck on spice

Review by Colton, September 17, 2010

i have a friend who buys all the products to make it and he sells to some of the smoke shops here in Mesa AZ. He also sells to anyone who wants to buy from him. if you are willing to buy large amounts i am sure he would send it to you for a cheaper price than you could find any where else. the more you buy the cheaper it is per gram. if you really are interested text me at 4808623597.

Review by CybrrMike, September 18, 2010

In the U.S., chem spice products will not show up on a drug test. It is not a drug. However, certain military branches are wise to chem spices and now have tests that look for the active ingredient, JWH-018. Some states have banned it (go to wikipedia and search JWH-018), but it is still easy to get. Check out which offers free shipping.

Review by sgkjl, September 20, 2010

I am sure you feel the same about booze… hypocrits

bottom line jwh is a chemical.. if our country would just legalize pot we wouldn’t have to have these discussions. It is natural and doesn’t hurt anyone and has many medical uses. You have never heard of someone being killed by a stoned driver…or someone killing for there next hit of weed. There is a hell of a lot more that has caused our country to turn to shit. I am a productive middle class citizen that is well educated so don’t disregard what I say as being some druggie. so perhaps you should do more research before you open your mouth with such bullshit

FYI doctors prescribe mind altering drugs on a daily basis i am nurse i know and your not complaining about all the kids on ADHD meds either are you.

ignore is what is turning this country to shit.

Review by sgkjl, September 20, 2010

some of it is good… you have to know the name and the store that you get it from… i always get a headache though. I have never tripped… just a good high… moderation is key like everything is life. But like good ole americans we super size everything.

Review by Nick L, September 21, 2010

I live in Avondale, AZ and I can get spice at many local smoke shops. So SORRY!! You are wrong, it is NOT completely banned. I smoke it everyday.

Review by Shane, September 23, 2010

YOU PEOPLE ARE RETARDED! I cant beleive ANYONE would smoke this crap!
SPICE WILL KILL YOU! It is NOT FOR USE AS HUMAN CONSUMPTION, INSENT ONLY! Smoking spice can cause seizures and heart attacks leading to DEATH!!!! Google, spice use deaths! Spice is CHEMICALY MAN MADE! That means, 10 years down the road when you start growing new body parts, odds are spice is to blame! Reminds me of the movie DUNE.
Stick with the real deal! This stuff is BAD NEWS! Can cause serious health problems! Someone says its safe, and everyone beleives that person. JUST FOR YOUR INFORMATION, if you are caught in a state where this is illegal, YOU WILL BE ARRESTED AND CHARGED WITH DRUG POSSESSION! The “only time” spice should be used is if you are trying to quit smoking or if you are on papers or if your employyer does testing! Its just not worth the risk otherwise! There are TONS of natural herbs out there that can give you a rush! Do a little research! Odds are you have some spices in your home that will give you a rush! I cant beleive so many people are using this!
SPICE is banned in the following states:
Kansas, georgia, alabama, Tennesse, missouri, louisiana, mississippi, arkansas
Michigan, Ohio, New Jersey, Indiana, New York, Illionios, ban will go into effect Jan 1, 2011.
Spice is ALSO ILLEGAL for ALL millitary personel.

Review by Chefren2010, September 23, 2010

Hey, check out eBay..I’ve seen it as low as $9.99 for Mr.nice guy. I love the stuff. I’m on probation for 5 years so it’s a great substitute. It does not show up.

Review by Chefren2010, September 23, 2010

Mr.nice guy–eBay for $9… I’m on federal probation and have had no testing problems. It’s an awesome alternative.I was worried it would but I saw for myself it didn’t. I had smoked 4 days, every day before my color was selected. All good!

Valid concern though for anyone worried about their career, probation, whatever.

Review by Alexis, September 24, 2010

Yeah it started in Idaho and it’s still legal here In idaho

Review by bobby, September 25, 2010

nope it is not banned i live in NC an i can get it at smoke shops an gas stations, but there has been cases of it causing heart attacks so be careful if u smoke it

Review by VA, September 28, 2010

yea i just bought some in oregon.

Review by George, September 28, 2010

Spice is becomeing illegal because for a politician, slapping your name onto any bill that bans intoxicants equals votes, and support from women’s groups. There is actually nothing wrong with it, or any other professionally produced blend. anyway the illegality doesnt matter, all of the big blend companies have 100% world wide legal blends that are getting even more popular than JWH based blends. so far, the only 100% world wide legal blend I have tried is “Tribal Warrior Ultimate,” which I liked and didnt noticed a real difference in effects or quality than my other usual brands.

Review by eric, September 30, 2010

Spice will be banned in Idaho on Oct 1, 2010. In other words, tomorrow. go out quick and get it today. my bro went last night to get some and they are having a blowout sale!! Fat Ratt

Review by DUH, October 1, 2010

That’s a good idea! Kill your kid before it’s born!! SMART!!

Review by jimmy, October 1, 2010

im from tx and we have 1 gram that go from 15 to 50 dollars

and 3 grams from 40 to 150 we have about 30 diffrent kinds

Review by kevin, October 1, 2010

shane you’re an idiot. there are no long term studies yet so you don’t know anything, no one does probably. why the hell would it be worse than say cigarettes? cigarettes are basically purely man made also. this stuff smells like weed, it is extremely close to weed, i swear some of it actually IS weed sometimes. heart attacks? psh. that’s the same crap you hear with people smoking regular weed when they aren’t experienced. heart racing, palpitations, “heart attacks”. Nah. It’s anxiety more than anything. shane, get out of here with your scare tactics, give it up bro.

“Ask any local hospital about spice and they will tell you horror stories about brain swelling, seizures, and near overdose.”

this is total BS. i don’t believe a WORD of it. notice how there are like tens and tens of people saying they’ve done it, some for a long time, and nothing has happened? and then there are like 3 or 4 posts, probably the SAME PERSON, which are trying to incite panic. where are the people posting here that actually had something happen to them personally huh? dead? lol please. enough of this secondhand garbage. not buying it.

Review by jessica, October 1, 2010

i live in phx az its like 15 for this tiny tiny little jar… it expensive out here

Review by papi, October 2, 2010

yo this stuff is legal in california too i always go to the liquor store to buy a sack of spice instead of fuckin up all my ends on weed its the same thing the high is somewhat better in my opinion and the grams sells for only 3.99 haha so definitely beats buying weed.

Review by aznurse, October 2, 2010

Hey I have been smoking spice for about 3 months…. it is sold everywhere in az circle K, ampm, chevron liike really everywhere! I’m in med school and its nice because spice makes me really calm when I’m taking tests and exams… I alwways do good when I’m on spice I can concentrate very well..but recently my right lung in the lower lobe has been hurting very badly at night… the pain is quite severe, I can’t sleep.. has anyone had this symptom.?? O and to the girl who said she is smoking and pregnant.. the gov needs to ban people like you!

Review by Brad, October 2, 2010

Well sadly theyre banning it in Killeen TX near Fort Hood. Apparently the army is kinda pissy about soldiers getting stoned so Killeen outlawed it. I mean seriously ppl anyone know a pot head that goes home and kicks the shit out of their wife? NO!! Exactly!! However, how many drunks go home and kick the shit out of their mate? Or go out and drink and drive? Spice is a wonderful alternative to pot. Live the dream folks. :)

Review by SpicyTime, October 3, 2010

Avondale Smoke shop. its alot cheaper than most of the smoke shops in Pheonix. its off Indian school near 107th. ranges for 5-30 bucks. if you are thinking of buying more than 3 jars ask for a discount

Review by Jon, October 6, 2010

I am writing this, because I want to warn people of my experance with spice. I was in Florida for a week vacation with my girlfriend. I wanted to by some pot, but I could not find anyone that sold it. So I went asked a guy at a store and he said to go get K2 spice. I went to the store and bought a 3 gram bag. It was great we where smoking everywhere not worried about being arrested. We smoked it all week and thought we where in heaven with how it was legal and all. I went to buy it at another place and got this kind called Mr smilly face. I smoked one joint and felt good again, however I had another smoke right after the first and it was the begginging of what I thought was the end. I started to feel very nervious and anxious. After about 10 min I was starting to feel my breathing and heart rate go threw the roof. I was about to pass out, so I went to lay down, and try to calm myself. It didnt work It just kept getting stronger and stronger. I didnt want to call 911 but after about 30 min I was to the point I thought I was going to die. I then had a taxi drive me to the hospital, as I was in so much pain. I got there and told the nurse what had happened, and she put me up to a heart monator. My blood presure and heart rate where very high. I didnt want to check in, but didnt want to leave until I could catch my breath. It took about an hour or more for me to finally fell like I could go back to the hotel. I went to sleep that night and woke up felling okay. Nothing had happend to me untill about 5 days after i got home. I then started to get attacks like the first attach I had. Now it has been about 12 days after that night, and I am still having small attacks each day. They are lessining ever day, but I get very weak and I can feel my heart beat very strong. I have smoked pot for about 15 years and alot of it. I have never had such a thing happen to me. If you read this and laugh you might have a good reason, but I can tell you if it happens to you you will not be laughing you will hold your balls and pray that you dont die. I will never smoke spice again, I am having a hard time smoking weed now, and I dont want to until I get to feeling better. This is your fair warning and dont forget some of it is sprayed with chimicals that are not natural. Best thing is to just smoke pot and leave this stuff alone. I hope this saves you from what I had to go through.

Review by Jon, October 6, 2010

Mr nice guy almost killed me man. I loved it but I had a very bad night with it and it still has not left me for 12 days. Im no light weight when it comes to smoking weed, but this shit has other chemicals

Review by Jon, October 6, 2010

I can tell you that your wrong. I love smoking spice, but I did have a bad reaction and it has been following me for 12 days now. Your going to convence people that this is okay, and I thought so too. However if you have a bad reactions your going to be singing a different tone. I hope you dont get what I had and if you do go to the hospital it may save your life. I have smoked more pot then most people in 15 years, I use about 3 oz a month, and I have never had the reaction I have had with spice I purchased in Florida. This is not a scare tactic i just dont want anyone to have the same reactions I had, becasuse you will regret it. concider yourself worned.

Review by Jon, October 6, 2010

I can tell you that I have had a bad reaction to this spice. I was in flordia and had smoked it for a week. I felt great on the beach smoking like it was weed, however the last night I was there I had 2 smokes pretty close together and it gave me a very bad reaction. I thought I was going to die. I have smoked pot for 15 years morning to night, and never had a bad feeling. That night I had an attack for an hour and it seemed like a life time. The pain was so intence I cant even describe it. Since that night I have not slept well at all and have had on and off attacks that make me feel weak and nervious. I can tell you that your much better off smoking pot, and if you smoke spice its only a matter of time you will get a bad reactions. I hope it never happens but concider yourself warned.

Review by Jon, October 6, 2010

your absoluty right, this stuff gave me a very bad reaction and Im stupid for trying it. People who read this lession to this man.

Review by Jon, October 6, 2010

This man is right, I had a bad reaction to it and almost died from it . If you like yourself dont smoke this crap.

Review by sinner, October 7, 2010

Spice is now banned in idaho..and is now illegal

Review by danny, October 8, 2010

dude spice is getting illegal in some citys in utah but not much but i got a guy that sells a shit load more like a dealer but he is makeing bank off it

Review by Shakey Green, October 10, 2010

Oregon is leagle still

Review by Tom - Durham NC, October 10, 2010

I have smoked incense for the first time this weekend in blunt form with a friend. It was called Mr. Nice Guy. It hit me like a brick wall and was not a very good experience. I was very aware of sounds and other sensations and paranoid feeling my heartbeat race and not in a pleasant way.
It was nothing like smoking weed. It sucked, frankly speaking. I wonder if other blends or brands of spices or incense give the same type of high, but after trying this Mr. Nice Guy incense crap, I’m afraid to try. If you’re going to risk getting high, go with the original MJ cannabis that won’t fuck you up like this spice shit did me in.

Review by Norma, October 11, 2010

Unfortunately here in slc utah highway patrol is handing out controlled substance tickets, never had a criminal charge in my life till two weeks ago

Review by Jen, October 13, 2010

As of today, I heard on the Idaho news that it is illegal to sell it, gift it, etc. It’s definitely being banned.

Review by skizzer, October 13, 2010

damn bro thats cheap as hell

Review by jessica, October 14, 2010

Banned in Twin Falls! As of October 8th, 2010 the Governor of Idaho banned this substance. Bummer. Now we will have to go back to the illegal stuff! Oh well… fun while it lasted.

Review by josh, October 15, 2010

I work at a psychiatric hospital and we have seen a great number of patients admitted recently with psychosis and it has been caused by ‘spice’. The mental effects that i have seen on individuals who have used it a short time, or even once, are similar to schizophrenia. I would caution anyone who uses it. It may be fun and leagal but the patients we have wont ever be the same, they have serious problems and have been living in the residential psychiatric hospitals. Just smoke pot, its safe, besides for your lungs.

Review by jj, October 16, 2010

just by the spelling, all are uneducated and dont have jobs. Keep up the good work for our society. Get high and continue to be unproductive.

Review by bpwatcher, October 17, 2010

They just passed a law to ban spice in Idaho and Oregon making it elligan to sell or buy it, stating that some of the chemicals in it can be harmfull and send people to the hospital. Has any body had any trouble with it?

Review by soulsearcher, October 17, 2010

I live in pocatello. I just tried to buy some spice the other day and the person at the smoke shop said it is banned everywhere in idaho. Is this true? If so where can I buy it now?

Review by James, October 18, 2010

bountiful, utah. how do I get some?

Review by malia, October 18, 2010

well now im hearing its banned here in oregon because idaho people can just jump the border to buy it….. ive been smoking spice for 6 months now and have NEVER experienced any problems from it, in fact sometimes i like to mix it with the real stuff as it has a good taste. its so irritating that because ONE dummy had a bad experience with it everyone else has to suffer… if u cant smoke it, dont, but dont try to lecture people who do and are enjoying it…

Review by Smokie, October 21, 2010

I prefer weed too, but I don’t know, this herbal stuff is alright. Have you ever tried mixixing Damiana with weed? I tired it, stood up and had to sit my ass right back down. I don’t think I’ll do that again.

Review by k-dawg, October 21, 2010

i live in utah, you can get 5 grams for 20 bucks, 10 grams for 35 bucks, it’s sold under brand name Dr. GreenThumb. Ask for it by name. It’s great.

Review by addict*of*the*green, October 22, 2010

dude i will buy 10 grams off you if you still have that offer…

Review by Duff, October 22, 2010

I’m very confussed about the banning in TN. They still sell it at some gas stations here it just have a different name. They call it ”spike”. I was wondering how they still sell these products? They even advertise Faded Moon on the radio on 101.1 The Beat Jamz! Do these not contain the illegal chemicals? I would like to know because I am on probation and would not like to fail a drug test or get arrested for possesing something I bought at a convienent store!! I just got finished doing 10 months!!!! If someone could help me with this I would appreciate it. Thank you.

Review by dustin, October 23, 2010

ya i can get it 2

Review by dustin, October 23, 2010

hell ya i had that way good….

Review by Spain, October 23, 2010

All I gotta say is be careful everyone, it kinda sucks gettin arrested for somethin we think is legal and then having to pay $500 to get out. It might be sold at smoke shops, and they will sell it to you, but on the packaging it states “not for consumption” – cops will definitely point that out..
Dont get caught!

Review by Kita, October 24, 2010

hey, email me!!! im lookn for some.. i stay in georgia and cant find any. i know they sell it in the convience stores down in florida but thats a long drive just to buy

Review by Canadian 420, October 26, 2010

i live in Calgary Alberta Canada and pot is way cheaper then spice lol.

Review by Mac, October 27, 2010



Review by Hank, October 28, 2010

You are a fool if you think “natural” is the same as “safe”. Don’t put anything in your body that hasn’t been proven safe by an independant, unbiased lab. Only by a study by a lab with nothing to gain (i.e. not selling the stuff or trying to find a way to get high) will give you honest results. That is what the FDA is all about. That’s why things are illegal if they refuse to go through testing and submit to ingredient uniformity and regulation. Wake up.

Review by Devin, October 28, 2010

Well it is now illegal in Idaho as of October 15 2010.

Review by Sincere22, November 2, 2010

If you want some of the best spice west coast is where to go
Over 100 smoke shops in Cali alone all kinds of different selections
Lil pricey in some spots I get mine from a hookup 60 for and ounce I sell it 7.00$ a gram good shit

Review by meta420, November 2, 2010

Your an idiot jwh-018 if consumed is 3 to 5 times stronger then thc . And if weed gets you high for 3 hours your the light weight .

Review by meta420, November 2, 2010

tats and rags (in pocatello) has legal in idaho product . Hayze(420,trainwreck ultra,train wreck , blueberry hawaiian ,strawberry hawaiian .

Review by asilms, November 3, 2010

As far as the laws they vary from state to state. There are blanket laws that ban ALL Synthetic Cannabinoid, and Others that have a list of RC’s that are banned. It takes a while to get a list of the RC’s that were banned right after the bill has passed, and the state senate has signed it. Idaho has a list of 7 RC’s that have been banned. Oregon is likely to have the same RC’s under ban, because what will happens is… when one state does something usually the other will follow it with a replica or very similar law. Although I do not have that list. If anyone has a copy of this bill or a link to it with all the RC’s that were banned I would greatly appreciate it.

There is the newest RC on the market called AM2201 that is legal in all states except those with the blanket laws banning ALL synthetic cannabinoids. This RC in particular is at least twice as strong as the main RC(JWH-018) that is used in most spice blends.

As far as ppl getting sick they have no proof that it has to do with the RC’s specifically. This very well could be because of the solvents they are using, Acetone in particular. This is a solvent that is used for things like fiberglass, and plastics. Common sense would tell you that this solvent could be harmful when consumed right? Well dugh…. The problem is that anyone can purchase these RC’s, and make there own blends (even ppl with an 85IQ) this part of it is scary, and this is why I believe ppl are getting sick… One person makes there blend using acetone as the solvent, someone consumes it, and gets really sick, and that in turn raises the concern…. Enough ppl go to the emergency room, and you have an emergency ban! Make sense? Anyway I thought I wold share, and hopefully the word gets out to all PLEASE NO ACETONE!!!

Review by robert, November 4, 2010

spice isnt illegal at all… this is dumb. the chemical they put it in is called jwh-018 and theres a few variations on it but its not illegal and im pretty sure its used as a fertilizer, so they would have to make fertilizer illegal too. which its not. and spain, did you drive on it? because thats really the only thing you could get a fine for. otherwise thats like getting arrested for drinking windex

Review by Flippy, November 4, 2010

HU-210 is schedule I. The JWH’s aren’t scheduled yet.

Review by Heather, November 4, 2010

******Spice IS illegal in 13 states. Las Vegas has been one area of the latest to consentrate banning efforts. There is also a bill soon to be hitting the Senate floor. This was introduced by Sen. Ralph Smith (R)-of course! of Virginia. I do not smoke either but am a strong advocate for the leagalization of marijuana. Too many are being jailed and prosecuted which is wasting our tax dollars and slowing our judicial system!

*******Those of you concerned about drug testing…Once it is determined illegal in your state or classified as a drug it is at the discretion of the lab facility or employer to test for such a substance. BEWARE. Many employers are jumping on board with this.

Review by Steph, November 9, 2010

Keep smoking this crap you idiots… my hell. I have kids that work for me that I am watching throw their lives down the drain every day so they can smoke spice. So sad, and such a waste. Then I read all these comments about how much fun it is. PLEASE! Grow up, get jobs, contribute to society, and stop searching for your next high by buying some crap at the local smoke shop.

Review by Bear the Smokey, November 12, 2010

I’ve smoked spice pretty frequently in the past half of a year. No weird things going on outside of the high. I am still productive, and sharp. The same person as before I started smoking it. I started smoking it as a legal alternative to weed because it is legal where I live. I like spice. It’s a nice way for me to relax at the end of a hard day. It’s my “beer and t.v.” haha. Thank you spice companies for at least giving a good go at the beautiful cannabis.

Review by MIke P, November 12, 2010

Hey get KamaKazi Green at HIGHPOWEREDHERBS
You can get 3 grams for $10 bucks
AWESOME stuff!

Review by Mark Bates, November 13, 2010

I JUST picked up and smoked the pineapple Trainwreck Hayze Spice in Calgary. My first time – IMPRESSED!

Review by austin, November 13, 2010

just bought it in florida at a mall in ft. walton beach. its the shit and not banned.

Review by chriss, November 15, 2010

i got puld over one night and cops found a spice roche and they made me get out to serch the car and cald the dogs to serch for more drugs so watch out people….. me and 10 other friends had a realy bad trip on spice not a fun trip the spice is cald xxx sin dont know were its from but i bought it in az

Review by hazle, November 16, 2010

dude your a joke people have there own lives to live, and if you want to live there life for them than thats just ganna cuz you problems……………..and for the people that have high heart rate, its because you smoke to much at one time. Slow your role man your ruining it for everyone else!!!!!!stay out of the hospitals you pussys and man up.

Review by Teady, November 18, 2010

Spice is not banned I just bout 38 grams while in Florida on vacation and believe me this was no street drug deal I bought it in a legitimate smoke shop in which the guy working actualy gave me a good deal for buying a quantity

Review by FU STEPH, November 18, 2010

FUCK YOU Steph! There are people that have better jobs then you that smoke WEED. Weed is safer for you then alcohol. Thats a fucking fact. Weed needs to be legalized, PERIOD. If you were around for prohibition of Alcohol would you have supported it… No you wouldn’t. It is the same way for Marijuana. Why have something illegal that is safer than Tobacco, Alcohol, and all the prescription drugs on the market… Did you know that marijuana actually has more medical treatment properties then any other prescription drug. No you didn’t. Well thats a Fact too. So shut the fuck up if you dont know what you are talking about… BITCH YOU JUST GOT PWNED SUCK IT!

Review by Sarah, November 22, 2010

No longer legal in Idaho…at least SE Idaho.

Review by jordan, November 22, 2010

they have found a way to make posh show up in your system and ppl who smoke it r a bunch of retards cause that stuff swells up your brain and kills u

Review by jordan, November 22, 2010

they have found a way to make posh show up in your system and ppl who smoke it r stupid cause this stuff swells up your brain and kills u so smoke on idiots

Review by jaz, November 22, 2010

I live in Georgia and was recently introduced to it–it is not illegal!! Atleast not in Georgia but I don’t think the effects last as long as weed which I think is better so I can actually get high and do shit afterwards without draggin ass all day :)

Review by Laura, November 23, 2010

Just beware, it does not affect all people the same. My fiance was smoking it and acted very bizarre. He had just recently in the past two months started smoking it. He committed suicide three weeks ago and was smoking hte stuff. I am completely against the stuff. He wasnt like he was when he was on the stuff.

Review by Topaz, November 23, 2010

It is not banned everywhere, however I know that several states have banned it in the last month or two. It does not show up on any drug test – yet.
It has been available in all head or Smoke shops. it’s sold as incense and can run from $10-$29 a gram.

I have found the spice to more addicting than marijuana though.

Review by Topaz, November 23, 2010

California sells it starting 20 bucks a gram. Although California spice DOES NOT COMPARE TO UTAH SPICE- By the way Utah is banned now!!! HAHA LOSERS! (sorry, i hate utah)

Review by mario, November 25, 2010

yeah its not banned in Cali, i just got turned on to it, its more convenient to buy legally, same as maryjane to me, just a couple nice puffs and then its Xbox time for a couple hours, lots of my friends aint into it but hey they’re losing my money so why would they, and they think weed is safer, all inhaling of smoke is bad there is no safer smoke, i wanna be legal and drug test ready, all these ER stories would have happened to the same people if they tried weed too, its the panic attack and paranoia thats all, keeep it blazin…….late

Review by ThisArticleIsBS, November 26, 2010

well this article is a whole bunch of bullshit. Its available at every head shop. Not federally outlawed.

Review by william, November 28, 2010

If you would do a little investigating you would know that SPICE is indeed banned. As of Wednsday the DEA. Thats federal, banned all sales and use of spice. As of December 24 no stores will be able to sell spice. And thats country wide. If you are caught buying selling or using spice the charges you will face will be simalar to being busted for cocain.

Review by Anon, November 29, 2010

Same could be said about alcohol… It’s -killed- people. That’s -literally- throwing a life away… but its legal.

Review by matt, November 29, 2010

No it does not show up on drug tests but u can find it at any head/smoking shop, or even at some gas stations.

Review by Fairyn, November 30, 2010

Wow, I can’t even imagine spending that much for fake weed. The dispensaries only charge 7 bucks a gram for medical grade chronic here in Montana. (Got some Strawberry Cough today as a matter of fact.) They do test you for Spice if you are on probation here. I know a dude that has to serve the rest of his suspended sentence now because he smoked spice. really crappy I think. I know that some of the comments say that its awesome and fun. PCP is probably fun too… but I wouldn’t touch that sh*t with a ten foot pole.

Review by mr. rock n roll, November 30, 2010

here is an article. it is banned but the rumor is that they are working on a new chemical to replace the old ones.

you can still buy it until dec 24th. stock up people.

Review by dude, November 30, 2010

It’s banned:

That’s the DEA website.

Review by Greg, November 30, 2010

I was pulled over the other day for speeding and the cops searched my car (I had been drinking) and he came across some Kush. When asked I told the officer yes we did smoke it and he didn’t write me up for it, he just stated that “it ‘could’ be considered inhalent abuse” such as huffing spraypaint.

Review by brittany, December 1, 2010

10 dollars a gram is way to much i live in colorado and get 3 grams for 12 bucks and i found a online store that sells it $20.00 a pound

Review by zach, December 1, 2010

damn thats really cheap were im from its 20 a gram!!

Review by matt, December 2, 2010

they can sell it till december 24th, after that its gone for good :/

Review by zztopofthemorningtoyou, December 2, 2010

you can still get spice at Jenna’s Toybox in Oakgrove,KY

Review by Lee, December 3, 2010

i have 5000 1 gram containers available of strawberry mamba spice as low as $3.00 a gram.
email greatdeatlautoz at

Review by bearhaynes, December 3, 2010

i live in branson missouri and i buy, posh, kach 22, and cloud 10 legally. some good shit to

Review by Tread, December 4, 2010

3 new head shops have opened up near my house selling spice. it gets you high as fuck and is extremely bad for you, but i don’t care. lol cloud 10 however isnt like other spice…i took 2 bong rips of it and i was straight tripping. it was almost too much. and ive smoke probably about 20 different bags and types of spice. im going to be :( when they stop selling it.

Review by ed, December 4, 2010

north florida here!!! 10-15 bucks for three grams….every day all day….cmon man whats the big deal…we smoke blunts of this shit…

Review by anon, December 4, 2010

spice recently banned in northern california. i have seen in several smokeshops that i will no longer be available after dec 24 2010 in my county. buy it up for stocking stuffers yall

Review by Nathan, December 9, 2010

It will be illegal in all of the U.S. on Dec. 24th 2010. A temporary ban for 1 year with a possible 6 month extension, just so they can figure out what to do with this stuff. So, unless you’re in a state that hasn’t already made it illegal, you can still buy until the 24th. Also, in light of this, a lot of the head shops are selling it for cheaper to get rid of it b4 the 24th.

Review by Ir, December 11, 2010

Can anyone tell me, is it true Spice does NOT make you paranoid??? I’ve tried Kryptonite, and it’s extremely potent with the paranoia effect.


Review by Momma, December 13, 2010

Okay so there is obviously an issue with those who were stupid and under 18 who were caught using it. I say it is a lot like prohobition right now. We are coming out with a new product for public use. Currently it is only avalible in Seattle. Stay in touch with your providers and we will help you out. Understand though it is the idiots that are not cautious that have made “Spice” illegal.

Review by danny, December 14, 2010

you can buy spice at almost any liquor store or smoke shop here in san diego….the only problem is you pay anywhere from 15 to 20 dollars a gram….but its still legal as fuck

Review by Mike C, December 15, 2010

To anyone who either uses spice, or who may be thinking about using it,

I have smoked spice products on numerous separate occasions over the last few months and I am almost certain that this is the dumbest and worst drug you can possibly do.

This is a DESIGNER DRUG made with EXPERIMENTAL CHEMICALS. As in this crap is made with chemicals that no one really knows what they can do to you. Marijuana is natural and has been used by people for hundreds of years with few health problems arising from it.

I have “overdosed” on spice two times. The first time that it happened there was an unbelievable pressure put on my brain by my skull. I was in an altered state and was to the point that I was promissing myself that If i LIVED that I would never use spice again. I did not learn my lesson, because I used the spice products many times since then. Last night I had what I can only describe as a true life and death struggle from smoking spice from a bong. Symptoms included heavy pressure on my chest and brain. I can only describe the feeling as a shotgun blast driving into my head and not knowing if i was going to come to. I wasn’t sure if i was coming in and out of consciousness or coming in and out of life and death. I could not hold down water and ended up vomiting horribly.

To anyone that is going to do this shit anyway or who does not head my warning. this is a product that at best should only be used in extreme moderation and should never be smoked like marijuana.


Review by Anthony, December 16, 2010

You really need to look up the definition of capital letters. They are only used in the first letter of a sentence or proper nouns. I hope you post on cigarette forums and alchohol forums too, because for every one incident that can be attributed to spice, i can find 10,000 terribly worse incidents involving cigarettes and drinking.
If you dont, ::waves to the hypocrit::

Review by noname, December 17, 2010

Hey I WAS using Mr.Smileys for medical reasons until they banned that, Idaho does not have a medical weed use, I am not looking to get fried out of my mind, did that as a teen just looking for a relaxing high to ease pain, so which Salvia would you recommend?

Review by mthal, December 19, 2010

i get ten bucks a gram for normal weed man! K2 should be less

Review by grams snm, December 19, 2010

in PHX AZ u can get Cobra 25$$ 4 10 grams

Review by Jace709, December 20, 2010

The chemical in spice is jwh.

Review by pam, December 21, 2010

You people are IDIOTS in caps. You cant spell and you cant even get your sentences out correctly. Dahh do you think that crap has killed some brain cells. Oh by the way you idiots it is irreversable. So continue to smoke and you will end up in the mental institute in your local city probably by the age of 40. Oh by the way thats if you live that long.

Review by billy Dee, December 21, 2010

anyone know to get any in utah or is completely gone here

Review by antonique, December 22, 2010

have u ever scene reefer maddness? its this crazy outlook on the side effects of marijuanna back when it first came out they have tthis guy halusinating and like getting violent on weed and all kinds of bady damage, but really it was just very exaggerated as spice is now. im not a doctor eand smoking is bad period no matter what it is, but spice in my opion is no morst then weed or cigarettes. Soem people just cant hang or they go in it with all the negative things that people are saying about spice so they have a bad trip. some people cant smoke weed…………. they cant smoke spice either. but in my opion weed is no better or worst then spice.

Review by dean, December 23, 2010

they just banned it as of the 22 of dec 2010 they have pulled it from all the smoke shops were i live in cali

Review by BOB Marley, December 24, 2010

I live in Maine and Spice is not ban yet. I read in the paper that as of 1/1/11 the DEA is putting an emergency classification on spice and all legal smoking herbs. They will be in the same class as heroin and cocaine. So in short in Maine possession of weed is a $300 fine, and possession of spice will be around a $900 fine and 30 days in jail. Not really worth it to most people.

Spice is a good high but i have a friend that went into a seizure and was very close to dieing from it. To this day he still smokes it but he does not smoke it in the quantity that he use to. Most people think that you need to smoke a gram or so to get high like you do when u are smoking weed, but you don’t! You should be able to get high 2-3 times off 1 gram.

If u don’t want to stop smoking spice I don’t blame you because I wont stop either. Just be smart about it. Use it like any other hard core drug, in moderation or sparingly. Even if you are a hardcore junkie or a pothead from way back this shit could fuck you up in a way that you wont like, if used to much or you get the wrong batch.

So please be careful no drug is worth losing your life over especially one that one gives you a weed like high.

Your Friend,

Review by DJ, December 25, 2010

oh shut up you cry baby. u watched your friend have a stroke from smoking it? bullshit! even if u did the majority of ppl DON’T. I watched someone get hit by a car but i’m not trying to get cars banned. grow up and let ppl take responsibility for themselves.

Review by JS, December 26, 2010

Tried spice for the first time the other night. Went out and bought some at a local head shop after hearing about it, and knowing that it was legal. I got the super Kush max. I rolled up a blunt and took about 5 or 6 strong hits off of it. Let me tell you, that was way too much. I started feeling the effects about 5 minutes after the first hit. About 10 minutes in I was totally baked. I mean I have never been as baked as that. I was so baked I was feeling uncomfortable. My heart was beating like crazy and I had the sensation of slipping in and out of reality. The best way to describe it was like a super intense pot buzz mixed in with an acid trip. I have never been that stoned out in my life. I could only focus on the most menial of tasks. I would go to do something and forget what it was I was doing. I tried watching t.v. but I couldn’t focus and everything looked distorted. I finally just went up to my bedroom and layed down in the dark with the t.v. on. The high only got stronger and I was having a sensation of feeling like I might have a damn heart attack if my heart didn’t slow down. I was having all kinds of crazy thoughts racing through my mind too. Sometimes I thought I was losing my sanity. I layed there in bed trying to watch t.v. for a while but I finally gave up. I finally just layed there in bed and just breathed.
My heart rate finally came down after a while and I started feeling much better. The “trip” sensations stopped and I just felt stoned. After about 2 hours everything wore off. I still felt dizzy, but normal again.
2 nights later I tried some more Kush. I only took 2 small hits from the blunt and waited. I started feeling pretty buzzed after about 10 minutes. I waited for another 15 minutes and took another bigger hit. That was all I needed. I was feeling good and baked with no trip sensations this time. This was a good feeling. I stoned out watching a football game on t.v. The effects wore off in 2 hours. I got my blunt and took 2 nice hits again. Again I got good and baked. Just like you would be after smoking some really good weed.
The story here is MODERATION. I smoked too much the first time out and almost freaked out a few times. This stuff is potent as can be. You have to start small and see where you are at. If you wait a while and don’t reach the desired effects take another hit. But only take one hit at a time until you are good and baked. Then QUIT.

Review by kyle, December 27, 2010

how long does this legal shit stay in your system

Review by samwise, December 28, 2010

A buddy and I put our money together for a total of $95 and we got 65 grams of funky monkey here in Raleigh, NC. They had crazy discounts cuz they banned it the day after, Christmas eve. Gonna go smoke that sit right now! 😉

Review by 0contaminated, December 28, 2010

You. Are. A. Fucking. Jackass. It’s dumb stupid jackass children like you is why it’s illegal.

Review by 0contaminated, December 28, 2010

Na dude you’ll be thinking about shit you said at work you’ll be thinking about negative prospects in your future. I love it dude haha

Review by Matt, December 28, 2010

I just bought 6 grams of kush blueberry and 3 grams of ultimate. I’ve smoked a couple of other ones. Can anyone die from this shit? I don’t know too many people that smoke it. It works really good but if it does kill then it prolly ain’t worth it. Please post thoughts.

Free the WEED!

Review by chadley, January 2, 2011

send me an email. they made some kinds of spice illegal in arizona but others are still legal, they just dont contain JWH or any homologues so its kinda shitty. let e know man im on probation for the next 18 onths so ill buy a grip off you

Review by kekashi814, January 4, 2011

yea im in nc and that shit is banned =[, think u could hook me up?

Review by legal budz guy, January 6, 2011

Whoever wrote this article is a complete idiot. I live in arizona and am able to get spice at the smoke shops out here legally just like the other people in the other states mentioned in all the comments to this post. Spice IS in fact legal… Its NOT weed and is sold in stores. Its the thc in weed which makes it illegal. Furthermore, even though weed is illegal its much safer than alcohol… On your body and other peoples safety. Put two people next to each other… One with an ounce of weed and one with a handle of liquor and tell me who is more distructive and crazy and violent. The drunk one. Who would be worse off driving? The drunk one. Who could die from too much consumption. The drunk one. People really need to worry about our bigger problems in life c’mon people seriously… People like the guy that posted this article should do some research before writing B.S. Articles!!!

Review by Luvely111, January 8, 2011

Agreed. People, Spice is not illegal yet! (Smoke shop owner)

I live in NM they DID pass a law to ban it, but the law date has been pushed back another month possibly longer. They have to prove that the chemicals in it have the same effects as pot and until then it will still be legal and can buy it at any smoke shop.

It is highly addictive and is very bad for your health. Spice contains 5 x’s damaging chemicals & carcinagines as a box of cigarettes.

Review by Fuck Spice, January 9, 2011

my girlfriend almost fucking died two days ago because of spice. she took one hit… and the dick who gave it to her told her it was weed. her trip lasted 3 hours and then she came down and was going up and down all day long. Finally at about 10:00 at night she went insane and was rushed to a hospital. she was insane like that for 3 hours… 3 fucking hours i had to watch and listen to the love of my life writhe in pain and sob and scream gibberish! SHE COULDN’T EVEN FORM WORDS. then she stopped breathing. i don’t even know how long it was because i was terrified… but the doctor brought her back and she still couldn’t even speak. Finally the doctors released her at 2:45 and we went home… she was pursuing a drama (theater) carrier and was in a involved in a large competition when she was rushed to the hospital. so now she has been kicked out and her carrier is ruined. destroyed. her mother disowned her over the ordeal and it put a huge strain on our relationship that almost caused me to leave her. Her friends wont talk to her anymore.

That shit DESTROYED her life. Blew it to a million fucking little pieces. oh and the icing on the cake? the dick that gave it to her is also in the competition and now that shes out of it he fucking won. But i showed him… i called the police and told them he is a likely drug dealer. they searched him and he didn’t only have spice… he had weed and cocaine too. he didn’t have enough drugs in his house to have him arrested as a dealer. but he was arrested and is waiting on sentencing. That bastard will rot.

And if you do spice, or give it to anybody. I hope you rot too.

Review by Britt, January 9, 2011

the owner at the smoke shop i buy from actually told me that it is illegal now but they still sell it to me. It’s probably the same at the place u go to they’re just tryna make money haha

Review by madfranklin, January 10, 2011

As of January 1, 2011, LAST YEARS’ Spice blends were banned, those containing JWH 018, JWH 073 and some of the CPs. There is now a COMPLIANT blend, (which complies with the DEA ban) that is available. Same shit, different blend. They cannot make any and ALL molecules illegal. Each one has to be studied and acted upon.

Review by Nichole, January 12, 2011

what if yu take one hit of “k2” out of a pipe thats had marijuana smoked out of it… fail or pass a drug screen thats sent to a lab due to the marijuana resin?

Review by needsome, January 13, 2011

they finally banned it in florda jan. 1 ,2011… before then i used it for a few months and enjoyed it, just walked in the gas station and picked it up…anywhere from $10-$20 for a 3 gram package…neved tried weed but i hear that spice is better anyways…before spice it was salvia but they banned that too…so in a few months they will have something else legal to buy then ban that too….

Review by Laurie, January 13, 2011

If a person smoked it and the next day their really sick and their heart hurts should they go to the doctor or let it run it’s coarse through the day ? and will they feel better as the day goes on?

Review by Dee, January 15, 2011

I live in Idaho too and they truly do sell that shit publically, it aint banned

Review by jackie moon, January 18, 2011

well i must say i believe most of the comments ive read about ppl getting sick start out with “well i was smoking a joint of it” or “i was sharing a blunt of the stuff” listen i get high off ONE hit in my pipe. if u dont wanna get sick dont suck down one or three grams of the stuff at once. its not the spice that makes ppl sick it’s idiots trying to overdo it!!! if you had learned to be responsible and possibly done some research on the products u would kno its wayyy stronger than thc and that should be a sign to even a the slowest of persons that u cant smoke it like pot. just like drinking liquor if you drink too much it will make you sick. so for those of you who smoked too much and got sick please quit blaming it on the spice and messin it up for everyone.

Review by matt, January 27, 2011

is spice legal in florida? cuz ppl r tellin me a ton of different shit

Review by tom, January 29, 2011

Only 5 Chems are in the process of being band in the US . As of now their all still legal under federal laws. Some states have put their own bans in place.
The DEA has said they are putting off the ban until at least 2-1-2011.
Their are laws preventing the DEA, From using their emergency “powers”.

One states that if their would be a financial impact on the economy of 1 Billion or more then the DEA will be unable to place the band in affect.
I’ve read their are some estimations that put the Herbal Incense industry as high as 2-3 billion

I know of at least 150 different chems that can be used in the manufacturing of Herbal Incense “Spice” K2.

So my thoughts are you have no way of really knowing what has been used – That could very well be why some people are having different effects than other.

I’ve also read some people are using more than one Chemical in the manufacturing.

I think it should just be regulated that way the people producing this stuff can put a label on the product and the consumer knows what they are actually buying.

Lets face it some people can drink whiskey and others cant
some people like Beer and Others like Wine ???

Review by anna, January 30, 2011

yea they do hav a drug test that will detect spice,its crazi,because my PO had me take one,and i seen my results on paper.

Review by Anthony Chiaraluce, January 31, 2011

For all of you guys he are confused on its legal status….
What they have done is banned the original chemicals used in spice (jwh-018, HU-210)for a period of 1 year. Once they announced the bans tho, the companies started tweaking the chemicals in efforts to keep spice legal. Turns out, there are hundreds of chemicals that effect the cannabinoid receptors and that arent covered under the DEAs ban. So the companies are now just using the chemicals not covered under the ban. The spice ive been getting is called K2 XXX and it even says on the package that it doesnt co0ntain any of the substances under the ban.

Review by Curtis, January 31, 2011

All of the Spice and K2-type “blends” … whether marketed as herbal air freshener, incense, spice, or whatever … are now banned in every state in the USA. That went into effect on November 24, 2010. As to which “brands” are affected by the ban, the answer is that if they had any of the cannabinoid compounds in them, they are now illegal to sell. Those banned ingredients include: Cannabicyclohexanol, HU-210, JWH-018, and JWH-073.

Additionally, efforts are underway to create testing panels that will include these drugs right along with THC, amphetamine, opiates, cocaine, etc.

Sorry, boys. Time to grow up.


Review by Carin, February 1, 2011

Spice is banned in other countries, However the United States have left it up to the individual state and cities within the state to sell, buy, use at discretion. Texas is just like that!!! I live in Copperas Cove. Not more than 10 minutes from Ft. Hood. Killeen has banned smoking spice and distribution there of almost a month ago. Dallas and San Antonio has jumped on the band wagon.
Being formerly married to a Police Officer… I don’t use ILLegal drugs… But Legal ones… Yes, maybe sometimes. I just bought some spice for the first time at a gas station in Copperas Cove, TX. Until the city of Copperas Cove decides on whether to make it illegal or not… which apparently it is on the topic of discussion… Until it becomes illegal, I will smoke it on the weekends in my own home, without venturing outside for NOTHING!!! Why? Because I am a responsible adult. Just like the saying… Guns don’t kill people, people do… same can be taken into marijuana or spice. Its people whom act retarded, ect… that make it bad for the rest of us. And we get punished for their stupidity and its not fair. I am not a drug addict.
I know property managers in Florida of sky scrapper buildings like Sun Trust Bank that use regularly but are productive up standing members of society and you would never know about their extracircular activities. Its those who are scum that tarnish our lifestyles because of their neglegence. (Sorry for spelling, I am a little tiffed and do not care right now).
Our country would be out of debt in 3 months if it legalized and profited from marijuana and spice. Its the STUPID people who give people like us bad rep’s. And I am sick and tired of them ruining everything for us.
You know why they are cracking down so hard? The truth? Because they were ok with Spice at first or they would have never allowed it. Its because some people went and bought the 5 gram pack of Space Original Orbit and over dosed on it… Now they sell it in only 1 Gram. Misuse of the product isn’t the products fault, its the operator… on an individual bases… Don’t look at everyone who smokes it as an idiot like this guy who over dosed.
I mean seriously… What if people start drinking bleach or something like that to get a high… Are you gonna ban EVERYTHING??? Just because of a couple of idiots? So don’t be so freaking stupid America!!! Stop ruining it for the rest of us responisble adults because you want to act like a child or your life is so terrible you have to be high constantly. Getting stoned is recreation! Go walk on a nature trail and smoke a little. Enjoy life and see everything God has created for us including weed and spice!
Obey the law of the land still… They say no marijuana… sadly… but haven’t made a full edjucated decision on spice yet. When they decide, which probably will be to illegalize it, It will be yet again another funeral for something so great and wonderful… Colors less viberant. Life less appealing. Once again, thrown back into hard cold reality that we do not own ourselves, the government owns us and then we go to work, another repriticious day in the office… For what? To be a SLAVE to taxes and government fees.

Welcome to America, I hope you enjoy your F*cking stay!!!

Review by Linda G, February 6, 2011

Do they still sell K2 Blond?

Review by Spice Dealer, February 22, 2011

Listen up people, and I’ll give you the real 411 (I’m a spice wholesaler). If it were illegal, I’d be busted. It’s not illegal, only the old chemicals that were used are illegal. Nobody ever got sick or hospitalized from my spice, but I only buy from respectable manufacturers. Some people are making this shit up in their bathtubs, and they don’t really know what the fuck they are doing, so it’s giving legit guys like me a bad rap.

Review by Spice Dealer, February 22, 2011

I’m a spice wholesaler and can tell you for sure IT’S LEGAL! If it weren’t, I’d be busted. The old chemicals were banned, but the new ones are even better, and they are legal in all 50 states.

Review by antwoine, February 24, 2011

i live in cali ican get it at the local smoke shop

Review by fish, February 25, 2011

you should checkout

Review by truthspeaker, February 25, 2011

you are a complete liar. first off its career not carrier. also if she stopped breathing in the hospital and they brought her back they wouldn’t release her a few hours later, they would have held her for another 24hrs at least. also its not the spice’s fault or the dealers fault. its her fault! she should have known what she was getting into when experimenting with substances. also the cops would not search someone just because you suspected them of being a drug dealer. they would need some proof/build a case, and eventually get a search warrant from a judge. you sir are an idiot. you and your dumbass girlfriend need to take some responsibility and realize she f*cked up. stop passing the blame.

Review by butthole, February 25, 2011

it is banned. tards. weeds better anyways.

Review by john, February 25, 2011

i buy it right around the corner from my house at the corner market in Granite City, Illinois!

Review by fiona dtrick, March 5, 2011

fuck that, 10 a gram? you can get a motherfucken pund for 7 dollars in az! and half the people who get that sell it $2 a gram and make bank

Review by Bill G., March 7, 2011

So, I’ve read all the comments, but my question still remains. Is it possible for me to get Spice (preferably Colorado Chronic), or it’s legal equivalent mailed to me through the post office without Johnny Law knocking at my door?
Or, is there a company that will mail it in plain packaging so that it doesn’t get noticed? Hell, I’ve been smoking pot illegally in Wyoming for years, what’s the difference…

Review by Bill G., March 7, 2011

Is there a way for me to get Spice mailed to me in Wyoming without Johnny Law knocking at my door?

Review by jk, March 10, 2011

Well @ all of u on march first they put a federal ban on all spice for one year making it illegal and if u get caught with it u can be fedrally prosecuted u all might want to read up on ur spice laws and stop being retarded about the whole thing and if u don’t belive me look it the fuck up and if u still do it I would stop.

Review by whitebe, March 12, 2011

You all are some brave people. First of all, Spice is banned in the State of Texas. However, it is being sold in some smoke shop still. The box reads “not for inhalation” in small print or something stupid. I am concerned about this substance because tow of my uncles have used this “new thing”. One said it made him feel like his heart was about to jump out of his chest. And my other uncle just killed himself 3 weeks ago after telling us all day that he felt like “someone was following him” all day. When the police arrived at his house after he shot himself, he had evidence of SPice sitting on his table (basically he smoked it and freaked out). The detective took it in for evidence and YES he did say it is now banned in Texas. Therefore it is an illegal substance. It has crazy side effects, one of them being paranoia. Which is what got my uncle. Wake up people. Do something better with your lives than smoking it away. Life is too good, and too short.

Review by paul, March 12, 2011

I need info… i need something similar to spice and marijuana as far as the calming’ effects. But I need to be able to use whatever this liquid substance is,,, so long as its legal… in an electric cig or vapor ett whatever….. any info is apriciated…

Review by rob b., March 13, 2011

Spice is very legal here in va… I can get 3.5 grams for $20. I like it, closest thing i can get too the real shit, I can’t smoke weed rite now cause im trynna get I better gig that pays more. When I first smoked it, My heart rate did go off the charts a lil but, since then.. its been all good and, as far as being harmful, it can’t be worse side effects than the real thing because its not the real thing. Happy smoking too all!!!!

Review by uclickit, March 19, 2011

Wow. good horror story. while i like the stuff myself, i have witnessed a practiced pot smoker flip out like you described after using one of the many JWH compounds. However, when you buy pot, which has no ingredients list or warnings, you don’t know what you get in the bag. The stuff could have been laced with embalming fluid for all you know. A responsible user(we do exist) wouldn’t smoke b4 anything competitive except maybe eating. Especially acting and drama. So before you go wishing plague on all of us who have the right to enjoy it, maybe you should have thought about the fact that she was at risk smoking anything out of an unmarked baggie. She took that gamble and lost. Not saying you don’t have a right to be upset about the dishonest drug dealer/co-competitor(everybody hates that), but the rest of us who use it didn’t make her inhale, and i bet the guy who gave it to her didn’t either.

Review by uclickit, March 19, 2011

am-2201 can be brutal like that. amen to extreme moderation. we spice users are already human guinea pigs. no need to be a statistic on a death toll

Review by Not an Idiot, March 20, 2011

I just had to add this comment> ANYONE WHO SMOKES SPICE IS A FUCKING MORON!!! It’s herbs sprayed with MAN MADE chemicals. You may as well sniff glue. Anyone who smokes spice is a loser, and an idiot. Nothing can replace marijuana, nothing else is marijuana. These chemicals are not THC, and no one knows the long term effects of their use. Keep puffing your chemically laced concoctions, MORONS.

Review by Not an Idiot, March 20, 2011

Prolly? Good lord, but people are stupid. Keep smoking your man made chemical dogshit.

Review by Kris, March 20, 2011

Hey i live in new York and they just took the generic spice off the market, after a suicide that was supposably linked to the smoking of spice. K2 is no longer legal in the state of new york, does not mean it is in any other state. i personally smoke both real cannibis and legal bud as well, but here is my question does any one know of the legal bud named v blend?, and if so does any one know the side effects?

Review by McKayla, March 21, 2011

I live in Utah County and my hook is just a pain to work with-I like to buy in bulk- let me know how to get a hold of ya

Review by Fuck Off, March 21, 2011

like really….. i am not gonna defend it, not gonna knock it, yall do what you do, im not gonna do it, fuck that, people freakin out, sezures, so fucked that they cant move….. man ya know what, i drink and i do it responsibly as well….. drivin and smokin, probly not such a hot idea either, however, the DEA has put this synthetic bullshit on the controlled substance list for a year or so until they can figure out if it really is makin people die and the rest of the shit that goes along with this crap….. coors light, and ummm as for bein hi and fighting in a war? yeah umm its ok to have a little time , but to be strapped with a 9mm pistol, with 45 rounds, an automatic machinegun with 400 rounds, then a crew serve such as a 240b which is another automatic machinegun, with 2000 rounds and get behind a another machine gun, say a .50 caliber automatic machine gun, with some where around 1000 rounds, probly not a good idea to be hi all day…. im down for a little down time, maybe a sip or two of some homemade whiskey and if you so chose….. toke up a little…. but damn, this shit kills people, do what you do man, but if your ridin with me and i see you fucked up, im gonna fuck you up….. no reason none at all to be fucked up and and thinkin everything is ok when we consistantly go outside the wire, and still mother fuckin sand niggers tryin to kill us even after we have helped them considerbly…. fuck them….. ok be hi and ride out stupid fucker
what the fuck ever man really and al you bitch ass military members rember when you tell someone to shut the fuck up, you give them the right to tell you to piss off, so if you dont like it man and quit bitchen, its because YOU gave that privlage to them, and to the people that think they have the right to say what the fuck you want, your right you do….. just quit bitchen and pay your fuckin taxes so you can continue to say what the fuck you want

Review by goodcrap, March 28, 2011

Overall Rating22222

where do i get it

Review by bob, April 9, 2011

Overall Rating55555

its legal here in minnesota i think spice is better then bud for sure

Review by fuck you vill, April 9, 2011

Overall Rating55555

too all the people saying your dumb for smoking it shut your fucking mouth why do you give a shit what we do fuck you

Review by spiceman, April 10, 2011

Overall Rating55555

grand daddy spice is the most potent herbal incense ever I have tried over 30 different spice blends from all around the UK and the USA try the granddaddyspice pineapple express or the 11 other different flavors

Review by Rebel08, April 21, 2011

Overall Rating55555

To: fuck you vill

“too all the people saying your dumb for smoking it shut your fucking mouth why do you give a shit what we do fuck you”

Well guess what kid , we DON’T GIVE A SHIT”!!! And I do mean KID. You are probably 16-23 yrs old. WTF do you know. On the other hand your not dumb either for trying somthing!

In the last 20 years I’ve done more drugs than you’ll probably ever see or hear of. Hell I dont care if ya smoke the real thing, it should be legal for those over 21. But dont go crazy stick to the soft stuff, Weed, Cigs and maybe a beer or 2.

The problem is with your defiant attitude and general rage, you’ll be dead in the next 10 yrs from an overdose because you think people are going to stop you from experiencing something, like smoking weed, so you going to go over the top and smoke and snort anything especially that crap that some guy in china or where ever sends you in a unmarked bag and tells you it will get you high THATS STUPID, GET A GOOD DRUG DEALER!!!!!!! and try and stick with shit God made not a chemist.


Review by Duh Duh 117, April 28, 2011

Overall Rating55555

Is Golden Leaf XXX Illegal in New Mexico? Like does it show in current drug tests? It says it’s 100% Legal… but I’m reading this page back from 2009… The store I got it from says it’s banned here now in NM.

Review by Big skaget, April 30, 2011

Overall Rating55555

I know this is an old post but some of the NEW unbanned stuff is really just as good but seems to last longer . An awesome one I got recently was “mental mystic” its super chill and not edgy like the old ones I tried too bad this might get banned soon here pretty quick ….

ah a site

Review by forced2pincups, May 3, 2011

Overall Rating44444

i live in nyc and smoke blueberry hawaiian hayze in dutch masters i get it online its very close to weed,looks alot like it,smokes like it,taste diffrent but pretty good,effects last much longer about 3hrs,little more $ its about 30$ for 1.5g…VERY EASY TO OVER DO! i used to smoke 1.2g of high grade kush,sour d,haze alone…this stuff id say keep it light like around a .3 or .4 to the head…btw hasnt showed up on any test at probation…very happy with it as a weed alternitive i like the fact that it dosnt contain harsh chemicals like jh018 or acetone and is legal in all 50 states…still wouldnt drive on it your eyes look like the devils and sure wouldnt smoke it around cops or go to probation on it youd just be asking for it…

Review by ikechi, May 3, 2011

Overall Rating11111

u are al idiots. its adicts like you that give gods good grass a bad name

Review by Missy Wilson, May 9, 2011

Overall Rating55555

SPICE HAS BEEN BANNED AND UNBANNED OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Everytime it is banned they change the packaging. it is now banned in 13 states in the us. JUST HEARD THAT ON THE NEWS LAST NIGHT IN VIRGINA. We are 1 of the 13 states. just because you read that it was banned in 2009 does not mean it’s banned in your state now in 2011. PEOPLE DO RESEARCH B4 U POST. This is what makes me sooooooo mad. everyone wants to give HARD CORE FACTS THAT THEY KNOW NOTHING ABOUT. I don’t know alot but I know most of you against the product are full of B.S. Everytime I read your b.s. blogs I go look up what you say and YOUR WRONG!

Review by Missy Wilson, May 9, 2011

Overall Rating55555

USING ANY DRUG while pregnant is selfish and RETARDED! If your baby is born with any birth defects IT IS YOUR FAULT! I hate stupid people. YOU ARE THE ONES WHO MESS IT UP FOR THE REST OF US. B4 long we will be hearing it’s banned now because of birth defects from stupid girls not women who smoked while pregnant. R U SERIOUSLY ASKING PEOPLE IS THERE A PROBLEM WITH SMOKEING SPICE WHILE PREGNANT? Do we really need to answer that for you? WOW!!! I get so annoyed at stupidity

Review by E., May 10, 2011

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@WHITEBE, I just have to say I’ve been going over your post,& I am very very sorry for the loss of your uncle I truly am, may God bless & keep him always. But without being insensitive, mean, judgmental, or cruel in ANY way I must say I am perplexed at how everyone is questioning what he was smoking, instead of WHY he had a gun with him at the time of his being high or “paranoia”? I’ve heard these suicide stories many times, and as sad & upset as they make me, I REALLY question what was going on with some of these ppl BEFORE they took their lives? Like if I owned a gun I would NOT have it around when I’m high, why not have it up somewhere or locked away? And if he thought someone was following him why kill himself? This is the second suicide I’ve heard of that involved a gun, & I examine the whole story instead of just blaming the drug a person was on at the time. Countless ppl have killed themselves through the centuries due to being high on something, alcohol, weed, heroine, meth, opium, EVEN PRESCRIPTION DRUGS HAVE BEEN PREVALENT IN SUICIDAL DEATHS, SOME ARE STILL BEING PRESCRIBED JUST LISTEN TO THE WARNINGS ON MOST PRESCRIPTION DRUG COMMERCIALS NOWADAYS ON YOUR T.V.!!! you name it, but you REALLY MUST question the mental or emotional state that person was in at the time of the suicide, NOT JUST what they were taking, because the suicide happened to a human being & I truly think there’s more to every story that involves it. That being said, IM AN OCCASIONAL POTHEAD THAT CAN’T SMOKE TEMPORALLY DUE TO WORK RELATED ISSUES, I’VE SMOKED K2 AND SPICE FOR A LONG TIME & I’VE HAD VERY POSITIVE EXPERIENCES & WOULD NEVER KILL MYSELF! I am a responsible 24 yr old woman, that would rather drink wine than liquer, & would rather toke up than EVER get wasted. So as you can see, not all experiences are the same, & if you are balanced mentally & emotionally and KNOW what you are doing & smoking, you WILL be fine. The WORST THING I’VE SMOKED IN MY LIFE WAS PURPLE HAZE!!! THE WORST COMBO EFFECT OF BEING HIGH WAS WHEN I DRANK LIQUER & SMOKED WEED. Other ppl who do these things are fine, IT DEPENDS ON THE INDIVIDUAL! No you can’t trust everything out there NOT EVEN THE “NATURAL” stuff, there seems to be chemicals in everything nowadays, & with “the man” taking away all our natural resources to get high, more ppl are getting desperate for “the good stuff”.

@REBAL08- You are very judgmental. Ppl are entitled to their own opinions, you don’t know ‘FUCK YOU VILL’ so listen to the man and mind your own business! Your the one that said “In the last 20 years I’ve done more drugs than you’ll probably ever see or hear of”, so why the hell are you worrying about anybody else smoking a weed alternative? If you stopped good, but WHO THE HELL WANTS TO SHOOT UP, SNORT, OR WHATEVER THE FUCK? Weed & weed alternatives ONLY, thank you. Peace & love to all, and like I said just know what your doing & be safe:)

Review by Bryan, May 13, 2011

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Every time the idiots at the evening news panic “Concerned mothers” just for their goddamn ratings, and deceptively make it look like a dumbass highschool kid “overdosed”, when in reality he panicked like a moron and thought he was dying (which people do on ordinary weed- though it has never had one recorded fatal overdose in all of medical history), I want to fucking scream at the TV and blow it away with a shotgun. And you stupid idiot little mormon kids that get on here and make shit up about how ” I’ve done more drugs than you’ll probably ever see or hear of” when you actually have never done a drug in your life- since you don’t know what you’re talking about, could you all just make one half of the country for those of you idiots who love being controlled by corrupt politicians and staying fit like Hitler Youth in Nazi Germany (which also had “health concerns” over which it banned shit to protect “the children”)- you take your half- and the rest of us who are tired of knee-jerk laws, panicky morons reacting to evening news and sending innocent people to prison to protect the dumbass little offspring they shit out, tired of socialism, fascism, nazi health obsessions by the government, we’ll take the other half of the country. Our half will be for people mature enough to realize freedom is inherently dangerous, there are no guarantees, and we don’t need a nanny government to wipe our little asses, who realize that when you pad every wall in this country you might as well all be wearing straight-jackets, those of us who’d rather have the danger of freedom than the safety of slavery. You other imbeciles can go on outlawing drugs, sending people to prison for victimless crimes. And we’ll watch you fail. We’ll laugh as you descend deeper and deeper into tyranny and restriction. We’ll smoke a bowl and laugh our asses off from across the border. You can go on having your government own your bodies. But everyone will own their own body across the border, and nothing will be considered a crime unless one hurts another. People should have the prerogative to risk their own health and their own bodies. Fuck the DEA. Fuck “concerned mothers”. And fuck the evening news. And if you’re down with any of the 3, then fuck you too.

Review by jr, May 15, 2011

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U foos r a re tard there’s nuthun like sum good buds. Fuck spice 100% weedhead

Review by brainzzz, May 16, 2011

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Review by brainzzz, May 16, 2011

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also want ppl to know that you can actually speak to a real person here at sky hi blends and they have some of the best pricing around on some of the best products!! so if u havent yet give it a try give sky hi blends a try cause u will only come out on top and never have to wory about dealing with these bunk ass frauds on the internet!!! You should feel comfortable when you are buying something on the internet!!! Not fell like you might get ripped off this time from this company or pay your hard earned money and get a bunch of shit!!!!! I promise you if you make it over to you will never have that problem again!!!!! Tey have the best selection of herbal kush, salts and mood enhancers around!!!! come check it out!!!!!

Review by spice legal high, May 23, 2011

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Finding true legal herbal incense was usually powerful in this market, however things have changed and , the legal herbal market has just lately come back out with merchandise just like the evil X and wicked XXX herbal mix with 10 totally different smells and a pair of different herbal potencies. An user who is trying for the most effective for a whole easygoing relaxed experience, the wicked X herbal mix is that the name to count. How to make herbal incense.

Review by donna, June 14, 2011

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Well this is what i have to offer, in short my brother has been smoking this stuff for the past 2 yrs to be able to pass drug tests at work. We had noticed a change in his behavior for the past year but didnt know he was smoking this stuff until recently. My brother is a 45 year old man that owns a beautiful home, boat,has a wife children and grandchildren…until this past week anyway as he went sycotic. Has been violent for the past few months but just last week drove up to his best buddies house broke into the house grabbed the guys wife (buddy was at work) and tried to grab the kids telling her that the rapture was comming and they needed to die to save their souls..scared the (bleep) out of the woman and when she got away called the police in a terrified panic..the police caught him the follwing morning took him to the hospitol where he has been diagnosed with schitzophrenia. So very sad to watch my brother being taken to the ground by the 24 hr sherriff guards because of his violent outbursts. This is just the begiining of his condition and will be commited the the mental ward in a crazy hospitol..the best hope we have for him?? Is that the doctors can control it with meds now, enogh to allow him be fit for society..take that in yall..”fit for society” this man had it all…now he is mush, talking to pillows..wiping the invisable bugs off his bed that sort of thing…so take head to all of the comments like this everywhere on the net because ur reading them fom survivors!

Review by donna, June 14, 2011

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let me just add that i do not blame the synthetic pot perse, as my brother is old enough to be responsible for his own actions, so essencially this is his own self inflicted wound. I am just posting long term effects he is dealing with now due to his own negligents by not researching the stuff

Review by naturalhighonlife, June 14, 2011

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Ambulance just left, thought I was having a heart attack. Not funny, screw Cloud 10 Storm spice. Life, I want to be in it. Enough said. If I wanted a nice feeling I would smoke marijuana but now I’m not so sure about that. Forget smoking period, now. Im 42 active as hell and not ready to feel like that again ever! Take my advice and dont waste your money or life on any of these “spices”. I love my girlfriend and my kids.

Review by myraj, June 19, 2011

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i have smoked red magic, and I thougt I was gonna die the first time I tried it. But if you have ever smoked weed then it is just like that, after the first high, ur good, at least I was. As far as dropping dirty, nope. This is for people with real jobs and take randoms, adults, not teens and adolesents. I do it because I need a effin break from time to time, and i can keep my job. As far as the lable saying not for human consumption, thats to throw people off fools. If it wasnt intended to be smoked, i guarantee there would be a lot less comments on this page. i like it better than pot because you dont stay high as long, dont get the muchies after, and i can keep my job. Weed is a plant/herb, rm is a spice, smoke and be happy. lmao

Review by Anon, June 22, 2011

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I’m trying to figure out if this stuff someone sent us is this illegal stuff. It comes in the little packets like what I’ve seen for ‘smoking’. Can anyone help me out?

These are labeled “Blue Dream” ‘potpourri’ – says intense legal blend. It also happens to state that it does not contain the specific drugs listed in that article but these other ones don’t that are labeled “Purple (and Pink) bliss potpourri” although it does say lab certified: no banned substances.”

Makes me wonder why they’d have to say whether it’s legal or not, it’s labeled as a bloody potpourri, if people are smoking it that’s effing retarded. So is it like a key word for substances to get you high or some crap? Because I researched the Blue Dream one and the only site I found that was even ok to go to said something about it being smoked for a relaxed feeling (even though it’s labeled as a potpourri).

This is kind of important. I think the person that sent it to us was meaning to harm us in some way or something…so any help I can get would be grateful.

Review by Potpourri, July 2, 2011

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One of the newest herbal blend of potpourri has recently hit the shelves, and it is called Zero Gravity. Zero Gravity Incense currently comes in two different scents Hypnotic and grap. Every shop owner we have talked to has said that this stuff is just flying off the shelves and as soon as they get some in it is gone. We decided to get some for ourselves and try it out. we found it to be very smooth and relaxing. With the lowest price of any of the potpourris I rate it very good.

Review by yeah, July 6, 2011

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Spice is leagal.Some ingredients were banned, but a newer version has come out and all states in the US hae different laws, some more strict than others,
check your local smoke shops and find out!

Review by Al, July 6, 2011

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I started with MJ and moved on to K2 when I couldnt get the real stuff. Then came Mr. Nice guy and after that all products by Tranceherbals. If you have never tried incense be very careful and take very little, Ive had really bad trips but I dont think you can die from an OD.

Review by j, July 13, 2011

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Is the m and m shop legit!?!?!?!?!?

Review by dbizzle, July 15, 2011

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Does anyone know if u can pass a jwh test with less than 72 hrs clean …took one hit in like a month an have a lab test sent in ..only had 59 hrs or so off it ..but I got low body fat an work out w lots of water ? I\’m in drug court an they do test for it ..

And can u fail a jwh test from red wood tox if I smoked dragon spice that said there were no illegal substance on it ?

Review by SpiceRecoverer, July 19, 2011

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Sup people of the spice world. So yeah…I used drugs increasingly from when i was 17 to the beginning of this year.Nothing really hardcore, mainly weed alchohol and psychedelics. When I was at school in Arizona last fall I was smoking a lot of spice(Golden Leaf xxx) like at least a gram a day. I didn’t really get too bad of side effects other than some mild paranoia and the munchies I guess. Although it was the state of mind while i was sober that fucked up my head. I got into a car accident while blackout drunk so I don’t remember anything and now I’m facing two felony charges. I had just broken up with my first GF of 3 years and was depressed as fuck. Not to mention I failed all my classes cause I had no motivation to go which made everything worse. Used spice to escape. Anyway…New years eve came around and I decided I wanted to trip on acid. I had just come back from visiting my parents in malaysia and hadn’t slept for around 2 days. Long story short started to enter drug induced psychosis and created my own reality. Went to hospital because of my aggressive behavior and ended up in a psych ward for a week. The doctors say that a major part of my psychosis was due to the spice but I just think that it was the acid and not sleeping and just being sad as fuck about life. I was on Anti-psychotics and Anti-depressents for about 4 months and made a speedy recovery I’ve been pretty much clean and sober this year minus one hit of weed off a pipe in May which made me super paranoid but plan on staying clean the rest of my life minus a few drinks in between. Basically guys, most importantly know what you’re smoking, know who you are and know how much you can handle. I wouldn’t say I recommend mary jane but for an addict there is no safer illicit drug in my opinion. All I know for sure is that spice is EXTREMELY ADDICTIVE and at least for me when I went through withdrawls from it I developed the worst rash that iched like hell all over my body, and I mean everywhere. This stuff is potentially very dangerous. Just please be smart. No one wants to hear stories of people on a bad trip making bad mistakes and risking their own physical and mental health. There are more rewarding things in life than getting high on drugs. Just be a little more creative and stop sitting around ordering pizzas and laughing at the fridge. Yo! wish the best for all ya’ll keep chillin and in order to help and love others you must first learn to love yourself. Hope this was helpful! Peace&Love

Review by Herb, July 26, 2011

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No wander this country is so screwed up. Deal with your personal issues and you wouldn’t have to get high. Getting high is just the same as running from your problems. It doesn’t matter what drug you are using…it is all DOPE, and only DOPES use DOPE.

Review by stressed out fiance, August 1, 2011

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this stuff is horrible! obviously not the root of our problems but it has definately made a lieing drug addict have something very accessable and very easy to lie and get away with it. he has maxed out a 4000 dollar government credit card using this stuff. he has a history of drug use and has tried to be clean. he came across incense in a convienant store and tried it, obviously loved the shit out of it and it was all over from there. more lies blowing money etc……then he came across the bath salts at the same store. OMG this shit made him a fucking insane paranoid freak! hallucinated and had made up dillusions about me. supposibly he has stopped the salts but has continued the spice incense or potpurri. he has alot of paranoid feelings and is always accusing me of cvheating when he is the one doing all the lieing hiding and drugging not to mention porn. he is on the road alot with the core of engineers and all he has time to do is think and more time he spends in his head the worse. where can i get affordable drug tests that test for synthetics

Review by stressed out fiance, August 1, 2011

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he told me it was illegal everywhere?

Review by Mario, August 15, 2011

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I cannot find any good spice here in Nampa, ID. I found 1 good spice that was called “Herbal Salvation” i believe and it works pretty good i also found another called “Zombie Matter DUSK” that doesnt do shit. Any advise of where to buy good spice in Idaho?
Please Help

Review by Mario, August 15, 2011

Overall Rating44444

I also found these at a Pipe store in Nampa Called (Pipe Dreams)

Review by Experienced_Spice, August 25, 2011

Overall Rating33333

I am an experienced spice user. I have been smoking it ever since it came out. I use to love the shit. My older brother has become a complete spice head, smoking whenever he can, constantly getting high. He is on probation so this works out for him well, not failing drug tests and still getting high.
I have recently stopped getting high from smoking Spice, and all other alternatives. LOL, OMG, IDK, Ed Harddie, Magic, Purple/Green Dragon, all of it, nothing gets me high anymore.
There IS NO treatment for Spice-Heads, like stressed out fiance asked. My brother we tried to get into rehab, they told us there is nothing we can do, they wont take him for in-patient and with out-patient its entirely trust related, he could still get high and no one would know.

THERE IS NO TEST FOR THIS! SMOKE AND NEVER FAIL A DRUG TEST (Unless polled over by a cop, they do have mouth swabs which are accurate for up to 3 hours after smoking)!!

Email me any questions you have about spice, I’m happy to answer all/any of them:

Review by YourALabRAT, August 27, 2011

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“Spice Smoking is Banned”

do you know what else is “BANNED”?

… drinking out of the milk carton (but only at my mom’s house).

Spice smoking is NOT banned. JWH-18 is banned but there are a ton of other variants that are still legal.

Considering that everything in “spice” is one kind of RESEARCH CHEMICAL or another and they are all a big fat WTF? … proceed at your own risk. It really is too soon to know WHAT this stuff is and WHAT it does to you in the long run.

Not to preach or whatever but just something to consider… Here’s an example: My dad was in Vietnam and can recall times when they would spray “a funny orange chemical” from airplanes and the next day the entire jungle would literally die off and shrivel up. Nobody got sick, died… NOTHING. This agent orange stuff was PERFECTLY SAFE, right? Wrong. 2-3 years ago he started to develop little sores which were identified as agent orange… FORTY YEARS LATER. Some guys died from it only a few years after exposure and many people have never been affected by it whatsoever.

Considering that there are literally hundreds of different strains of stuff in spice, what are the chances that a few of those chems will induce some really BAD stuff in the future?

WHERE DID THIS SHIT COME FROM? A “scientist” made this shit and then “forgot” about it for thirty years… right? Get real. I’m sure the government had nothing to do with it at all. I have a funny feeling that, I dunno… The dept. of the army, Dow chemical, DuPont and a few others know EXACTLY what is in this SHIT. After all, they’ve had 30 years to research it 😉

You can gamble your life and your future on “experimental research chemicals” but I think I’ll pass. Marijuana has been “researched” for thousands of years and has been proven by billions to be %100 SAFE.

I’ll trust in god… you can trust in chemical manufactures and other shadowy organizations.

And if you’re only using it because you “can’t smoke weed”… here’s an idea — FIND ANOTHER HOBBY. It’s a big world out there and there really is a ton of stuff to do. I found that out when I grew up. I gave up smoking an ounce a week and found other thinks to keep my self occupied. It’s amazing what kind of things you can afford when every dollar in your wallet isn’t going up in smoke.

Review by perry kemp, September 2, 2011

Overall Rating55555

Hey guys i have had a great time reading all of your postings. took forever and needless to say i am high so it gave me something to do. I can proudly say that i did my research. my research on what the people think. i totally respect why anyone would say dont use spice. We all have our reasons for why we feel the way we feel. My own personal exsperience with spice has been great. I love the stuff. It has helped me lose weight. It has helped me to relieve stress and makes a great anti-depressant. Spice doesnt cause the munchies like weed and it also has helped me to stop smoking meth. In fact spice is the number one thing that helped me to stop meth. Oh and spice is not addicting like meth. that goes out to all u readers who will say, “yeah replace one addiction with another”. Its totally not like that. I live in Colorado and yeah its illegal in the U.S.. Who cares? I go to any shop owned by an Indian or someone from overseas and ask for the stuff i can get it. Got to try this shit called KO(knock out). This stuff is the bomb. Best high i have ever had on spice and no bad side effects. I only pay $12.99 for 5 grams. This stuff is significantly cheaper than weed. Couple months back my bro bout an ounce for $30. Cheap!!!!! Besides people we will never stop trying to get high. They can outlaw whatever they want and we will find a way around it. It is nice to have a direct connection for this shit. And everyone above who mentioned using it in moderation is right. As great as this stuff is all u need is a few hits. Too much is bad for you. I have had all the same bad experiences mentioned above every time i have smoked too much. So don’t smoke too much. So u say, “what is too much”? All u need is 2-3 hits any more than that is too much. The high is def more intense than weed. The first few generations of the stuff really sucked and the high was shitty, but most of the newer stuff is great. Smoke spice. Besides it makes u horny as fuck. lol. seriously. just be safe and dont smoke too much. Besides what other drug can u do that gives u a heightened sense of smell, taste, vision and hearing, gets you high, u can still function and get more stuff done on it without the bad side effects. just smoke it but not too much. Love you guys. PEACE!!!!!!!!

Review by Cautionary Tale, September 14, 2011

Overall Rating11111

I have been using BOOM, a German Maya product. It is really strong and effective. So strong, that to enjoy it more, I dilute it with 50% of an incense that has a zero effect (Rocket Incense). Well I love it and have been using daily for about 8 months. Similar to how I used to smoke weed, but can’t anymore because I get drug tested. Well everything was fine and dandy until I ran out. I started to experience withdrawal symptoms.
At first it was the same withdraw symptoms I would have when I smoked weed. I would get more irritable than normal. That usually lasts a couple of days. This time, it lasted a couple of days and then I started feeling anxiety. I mean, I feel like something terrible is going to happen for absolutely no reason. I am not losing my cool, I am able to keep up appearances, but I feel it constantly. It is a strange feeling for me and one that I have never experienced for so long before. It is also a strong feeling that disrupts my concentration. I have been feeling this way for four days although it is starting to fade now. I had already bought more BOOM on the internet and I am waiting for it to be delivered. Now, based on how I feel, I’m too scared to use it. The BOOM is the only thing that could be causing these symptoms for me. I do not want to feel like this anymore or ever again.
I became certain that the BOOM was the cause when my friend, who buys the Boom with me, also started experiencing the same thing (We ran out at same time). In addition to the anxiety, he also describes a “lightness” on his feet that he thinks is coming from a chemical imbalance. I have never had a bad reaction to BOOM, in fact I like it. I only take a hit or two at a time several times per day. However, after essentially abusing it daily for 8 months and quitting cold turkey, it is clear to me that this drug is altering my physiology and causing pretty severe withdrawal symptoms.
I decided to write this story because of the lack of information out there about this stuff. I don’t know what is in BOOM, but it gets you high like weed, gives me the same withdrawal symptoms as weed, and comes with its own unique set of withdrawal symptoms, i.e. anxiety, restlessness, and a feeling of lightness.
Come on now! I can’t be the only person who used heavily and quit. Anyone else?


Review by Amanda, September 18, 2011

Overall Rating55555

I smoke spice almost everyday, and it’s been a year now. I’ve never tripped when I’m on it, I love this stuff. It makes me feel the same as weed does. I don’t know why everyone freaks out about this stuff, it’s the best especially if your parents don’t let you smoke. It doesn’t smell, doesn’t make smoke, and it doesn’t show up on drug tests. I love spice!

Review by tommie, September 23, 2011

Overall Rating55555

im very A.D.H.D and i soke spice and i feel like i understand everything more and i dont want to sleep and i love that and i dont want to eat everything. when i smoke pot i feel stupid, i wanna eat everything, and go to sleep what is the point in it. i smoke before i go to school and i get it all and pay attention more. spice is great!!!!!

Review by MissO., October 18, 2011

Overall Rating44444

I tried Spice for the first time a few weeks ago and I’m hooked already! I live in west MI and the only bud around anymore is medical grade (since medicinal is legal here, nobody has anything else). Try spending $20 a gram on weed for a month and see how your wallet looks!! I can get Spice at some of the indy marts around town for $7 a gram and I don’t have to smoke as much! I’m sure whatever chemicals that are in it are no worse than cigarettes, and the high is not much different than weed. And it’s super cool that it doesn’t show up in drug tests so I can clean out. I like it so far!

Review by Spice Dealer, November 7, 2011

Overall Rating55555

I have been selling spice on the internet since 2009. When the DEA ban came out in 2010, everyone stopped using JWH-018 and started using AM-220 and other chemicals that were not on the DEA list. They started calling it herbal incense. Now, many states are banning anything that acts like spice or attaches to the cannabinoid receptors like THC. Look around now and you’ll find everyone starting to sell potpourri. This is basically the third generation of spice, and it’s nothing like the first generation stuff (K2, etc). Back then, people were like “hey this shit really works”. But it wasn’t as good as marijuana. The second generation stuff, herbal incense, kicked it up a few notches, making it much stronger. We still weren’t winning over MJ users, but it was definately an alternative for those who couldn’t get the real stuff, or those on probation, etc. Now, the 3rd gen stuff is so powerful, like tripping. Not everyone can handle tripping, so they freak out. Others love it. Everyone will react differently to it. It makes a person get deep within their own mind and face their demons. Relaxing? Hell no! but it does offer an escape from reality. Do too much and you may not come back. Safe? It’s basically a fatty acid. No worse than a Mickey D’s hamburger. But we all know you don’t want to over-do those, either. As far as the chemicals? Give me a fucking break. Read the ingredients in every item you eat and drink, your personal hygiene products, our air (anyone know what chemtrails are?), and public water (flouride kills). Go get your kids shot up with vaccines, get your flu shot, eat a big mack, put a pack of aspertine in your iced tea, have a cigarette, and then come back here and tell me how fucked up chemicals are, ok? People are gonna do what they wanna do. If you make it illegal, they’ll find a way.

Review by dasseh, December 2, 2011

Overall Rating11111

I smoked this shit and it has fucked my brain up. I think completely differently, I have terrifying racing thoughts all the time, and have depersonalization disorder worse than ever before. Sometimes I think it’s made me partially retarded. Not to mention I haven’t smoked this trash in over two months, and the effects show no sign of calming down. If you’re reading this thinking about doing it: DO NOT. I know you probably feel all curious and whatnot but trust me it’s not worth the mental anguish of feeling like reality is fake constantly and not being able to go through a day like you normally would. Peace

Review by David Lee M. Brown, January 13, 2012

Overall Rating33333

I smoke this shit daily it helps me be calm and makes me smarter. used it in the ghan on my 1 year tour wicked shit. I would rather smoke crack but you cant beat how spice doesnt show up on drug tests so i dont always have to be so paranoid at my work of failing ANOTHER drug test ha hahahaha…….then again my work would never fire me they need my hero ass!!

Review by china law, February 5, 2012

Overall Rating11111

who ever making it, packing it selling it, buying it and smoking it should be hanged period

Review by Amanda E, February 15, 2012

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Hey heres my unbiased opinion. I\’ve been smoking this stuff for like a year and a half. I read all about the chemicals they banned online. The last report i saw of a death in the news due to spice was from K2 in 2008. I hear vague mentions of seizures, from some people but haven\’t been able to pin down any actual proven cases. It seems the K2 spice in 2008 had a chemical that is now banned was causing heart attacks. I did read about an increase in ambulance and emergency room visits, but apparently, nobody died, which to me just sounds like paranoia. The problem is, the spice manufacturers have to keep juggling their formulas to keep the DEA off them. So, who knows when the spice I smoke could tomorrow be deadly. Which is why I plan on quitting soon. Anyway, there it is.

Review by Jackie, March 4, 2012

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Blueberry spice. Kidney Failure. March 2012. Wyoming.
Google it. Roll of the dice when you smoke spice. Russian Roulette.
Is one puny high worth your life and lots of debt from hospital bills?
Probably not. But if you have the intelligence of a cauliflower, go right ahead.
Puff away. Less idiots in the world for the rest of us.

Review by Rania, April 14, 2012

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I need some one to provide me with the best quality with the best prices for the quantities from this shit , i have tried many things and most of them are bullshit , anyone can help ??

Review by spicespoka, June 18, 2012

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I love smoking diablo incense, its great, real potent. They just came out with an all natural blend that looks like the real stuff

Review by Vic, July 11, 2012

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I smoked pot for a while. Seemed better than ingesting a toxic shock of alcohol. A friend recently turned me on to some blue-berry at a convenient store. Cheap, looks like it had pieces of cotton in it and smelled like potpourri. I was a little skeptical at first. Tried it, felt like a legal high, best way I can describe it. Second time smoked it, I now agree that it is better than weed with none of the paranoid, antisocial, erratic heart beat feelings I get off of mj. I am not a big druggy. If I smoked weed it was the regular stuff when mood altering relaxation was needed, never the strong chronic. An hour and it was sleepy time. But now, I would rather smoke the spice.

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